Monday, October 20, 2008

Real Chance at Love and shit

- I started watching late. Whoops.

- What's up with Real and this bandana across the neck shit?

- Yo named that girl Stalker. She does look kinda stalker-y

- So Hood is a smut monkey

- Can we ever have an opening episode of one of these shows without a black person getting real aggressive with a white person?

- Seriously, I would say Real looks gay, but that would be offensive to gay people.

- Yo, that Asian chick looks like a Koala bear.

- Milf could get it. I'm into that Milf thing. Cougars holla at me.

- Yeah, having a stalker isn't cool at all.

- Seriously, it's funny watching Real and Chance bicker because it reminds me of my brother and me. (I would say "brother and I", but fuck good grammar right now)

- Bubblez on some old other shit.

- LMAO@ Stalker being a Yeti and then Chance explaining what a Yeti is.

- Yeah, Lusty could ge-Her hairline is bizarre. She must've said some gross shit. That was like 14 beeps.

- Ugh, it's always the black girls arguing. It sickens me when black people harass white people because they think they have the right to. That shit is just sad to watch. Bubblez sure is carrying herself pretty well.

- Daisy of Love? I don't even fucking know this broad. Ugh. It's going to be a chain of "Love" shows. *sigh*

- I really want to see Zack & Miri Make a Porno.

- lol@ the camera man going in on Lusty's breasts.

- I wonder which one of these broads are going to have nasty pictures on the internet next month.

- I can respect that Chance is honest. If someone's breath is humming, just say it.

- "Mmhmm and a you know what". So Hood's a bamma. With no ass. It must be a sad existence.

- Dry-humping is so classless.

- Cali! That's her name! The koala bear looking chick. "Coali Bear".

- These niggas are funny.

- Why'd the black girls have to be hoodrats? You can't be a hoodrat snitch. That's like being a straight gay porn star.

- So Hood is such a slllllllluuuuuut! You'll fuck a dude and his brother?

- Well, Rabbit's not a hoodrat. The verdict is still out on Bay Bay Bay.

- What these niggas know about Rochambeau? I don't know about these lames, but I've actually played Rochambeau. And won.

- You know who Cali looks like!? Nicholas Cage! For real!

- Yeah, let's go to commercials when he confronts the broad about giving his brother a lapdance.

- Man, I heard the Strangers sucked. I mean, what's the point of seeing a horror movie if you already know who's gonna die? That's why nobody went to see Sunshine.

- Yeah, Soul Men is gonna be funny.

- A lapdizzle?

- K.O. is adorable in her own little way.

- What about Bubblez and shit? There we go. Dominican and Dutch? Boy, that's a weird combination. I still haven't met a Japanese/Puerto Rican chick. I mean, come on, if a Japanese person and a Peurto Rican person had a daughter, she's destined to be retarded hot.

- Promo is a ditzy asshat.

- Yo picked Lusty weird looking ass. She just gives me that murderer look.

- All she talks about is sex. Jeez.

- He's not picking Stalker. She is too "no" looking.

- You inopportune commercial break taking ass bitches.

- I should've known he would give the chain to So Hood's slutty-butty ass.

- Aw, don't cry, lady. I'm sure you can find a man without an S-Curl mohawk and a gap you can fit a boeing through.

- Let's see if something crazy happens in the previews.

- Wrestling? For real, nigga?

- Ah, I remember when I used to wear shower caps.

- Oh, shit, someone got destroyed on that rolling couch thing.

- Ain't nobody gonna swing on anyone.

-Oh, shit, they hit a nigga in the head with a bottle! THEY HIT A NIGGA ON THE HEAD WITH A BOTTLE! THEY LOCKED UP BABY HAIR! That shit was fake, but it'll be fun to watch.

- This is going to be interesting. I'll try to do this every episode.

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Super Woman said...

Dear mr e-rich,

I would very much appreciate it if you never live blog about these guys again or their show or the poor desperate women on their show....EVER. I would also like to thank you in advance wether you choose to or not


--Super Woman

That show sounds, gay, looks gay, and is a cover up for chance and reals Gayness....These niggas got curls scarves and shit that dominatrix's wear on them

N.I.K.E.: God's Favorite said...

E-Rizzie!!1 You Never Cease To Amaze Me With Your Blog Posts!!! Keep Up The Good Work..

Danielle said...

LMAO @ these dudes. I can't get over Reals hair...

$port said...

they look like gay extras from the street gang in Rumble In The Bronx...