Monday, March 30, 2009

Display Names That Make Me LOL

Myspace is out of style? Really?

1. I'm so tired of children....... I want a real - I'm going to assume she means man? What draws children to you? Is your pussy an Etch-a-Sketch? Maybe you should do something about that.

2. ★Mî ŇïïŇîî★ïïM Fł¥ëŘ ŧĦåÑ ä FłØčK ðF bîîŘđ§ =) - Dead ass, sometimes I want to kill myself when I read this shit. I need to go read a book for some actual English.

3. {WoOoW3rz} Th3s3z ChAiNz..... - . . . What the fuck are you talking about?

4. (T@hti@na@>:sucka for romance - See, this how these little broads end up changing their names in two weeks saying "N$RT*S AI#N'T SH#**T" or however they would write that shit.

5. i NEED SUMONE TO MAKE MY {( DREAMS COME TRUE)} - Too bad genies aren't real, bitch.

6. HE IS MINES AND CAN'T NO 1 HAVE HIM - Bet he's getting his dick sucked by her sister right now.

7. DONT THANK ME JUST FUCK ME!!!!!!LOL - I can't lie, this one is awesome.

8. {So Gr0wn n3va Pr3ss3d} - Grown people don't TYPE LIKE THAT.

9. ALLERGIC 2 FAKE PPL & NO GOOD NIGGA'S - And yet you're gonna be fucking one in a month. You bucketheads entertain me. Note the grammatical error.

10. I TURN OFF DA LIGHTS WITH A SWITCH WHEN IM WALKING - Really. How fucking corny could you get without dying?

11. I WILL BE DELETING THIS PG AT 7:30 - I wonder if this scunt knows no one cares.

12. my diamonds on dey period dey won't stop bleed - That doesn't even make sense.

13. CiNNaMoN - Brandon your my everything - For the record, CiNNaMoN was gay a few months ago and straight before that.

14. -Ms.J@Y :.|FREE MY BITCH >TiiSH< |™.: - If she's a bitch, maybe she shouldn't be free.

15. SO NOT LIKING HIM RIGHT NOW. - So are you gonna leave him or fuck him again?

16. I CARE TOO MUCH & U DON'T FUCKIN CARE AT ALL !- Welcome to the world of heterosexual relationships.

17. Rayne: How Can I Prove That You'll Be The Only - Blowjob.

18. i do alot of pushups n situps n drink alot of juce - Aw! Do you mama still put you clothes on? Do you like Yo Gabba Gabba?

19. ic0n eb0ny-fierce.- This is a man's name.

20. Ricomantic - My God, that's worse than "Shontelligence".


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

LOL, Good Shit Peoples.

Rogero said...

contrary to this in itself: no comment.

Malcolm Maximillion said...

LMFAO @ 5. i NEED SUMONE TO MAKE MY {( DREAMS COME TRUE)} - Too bad genies aren't real, bitch.

Super Woman said...


How Old Are these people, you should have put their ages because if these are children then im not mad, however, ....17 and up your an asshole....and now the world knows


E-Rich said...

Unfortunately, they were 16-20. I was considering posting links to their myspaces, but that would've took too much work, and I hate work.

Gorgeous Lynette said...

19 killed me!