Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I totally stole this from my homeboys blog

But I'm kind of a Clipse stan, so I wanted to hear this.

See, Pusha T sounds like one of those bullys that find out a dude that acts tough is really a whore, so they won't leave him alone. For some reason, to black people, saying "I don't want beef" is a synonym for "I am weak, please beat me". I really think Clipse should just leave Lil Wayne alone and let him have his pleasant life with Baby in peace. I don't dislike Wayne, I think he's okay, but I think Pusha T and Malice are about to come down on this nigga if he says something back, so maybe he should ignore it like he did 50 Cent and Gillie. Wait, didn't 50 Cent call him gay? He should do something about that.

P.S. That little snippet at the end was kinda nice.

Millionaire Radio via XXLmag

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