Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Just Humoring Myself

0:09 That Bank of America sign is what made me post this. Now, I must find more hilarity in the latest video from Soulja Boy's footstool. No, seriously, I fucks with Bank of America and all, but that had nothing to do with anything. I withdraw from ATMs, too, nigga.

0:15 Like, really, there's no need for the camera to be this shaky in a music video. I'm getting seasick. I'm lying, I've been feeling like this since I started the video.

0:21 An empty parking lot. This shit is gonna be so bad.

0:23 This nigga looks like a light-skinned Soulja Boy. What?

0:25 . . . I thought Arab was here last year? I mean, I don't see this nigga getting on XXL lists anytime soon. Then again, they had OJ Da Juiceman. "I got six rings like a basketball player. Freshman of the year like a basketball, player." That's two bars from his freestyle.

0:29 Credits at the beginning of the video that looks like credits for the end of a video? This shit is like a middle school film project.

0:35 "I am not you, you are not me" That's not how you start a song off.

0:38 He said "you are making light-skin look slopply" That's how he said it. I might not make it to 1 minute.

0:45 This nigga just rhymed "I'm the best" with "I'm the best". We got to do better.

0:47 This nigga put up a picture in the middle of a video like a youtube slide show. Your best friend is dumb rich and was fucking Rosa Acosta and this is the best you can do?

0:51 "I got skills. I got swag. You got skills. With no swag." Oh, God. My head, hurts.

0:57 He rhymed "dog" with "low". I'm about to kill myself.

1:20 For 16 seconds this nigga just had a picture of himself looking like OJ Da Juiceman's gay little brother.

This dude in the comments said Arab got lips like his ex-wife.

. . .

Let me check my gaydar

nigga you gay Pictures, Images and Photos

2:00 The fact that people gave him encouragement to make a mixtape of this lyrical feces shows that Soulja Boy is not a good leader. Now back in the Wu-Tang Clan days, RZA would've shut this shit down immediately.

2:21 "I spit rhymes. Fuck a metaphor."

2:34 Fuck this. I quit. This shit is literally giving me a migraine.

To make up for this, I offer you this golden nugget of comedy. Imagine the exact opposite of Arab's lyrics and flow, but animated.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jun Seba R.I.P.


More popularly known as "Nujabes", Jun Seba passed away in late February in a car accident. He gained popularity when he produced a nice chunk of the music for Samurai Champloo, using a jazzy, melodic production style. I'd even go as far as saying he's like a Japanese J Dilla, and unfortunately they share another similarity.

I find it kind of fucked up that his label kept this secret for, like, 3 weeks, but it makes sense. The fact that no one found out before today shows how mysterious he really was. You rarely see interviews or pictures of him partying besides DJing, but with music like his, you don't need a public persona.

Much like Dilla. See?

I'd put this beat in my top 20 favorite beats ever.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Take You to the Movies (Like That African Dude)

Legend of the Guardians

I was sold soon as the owl flew in front of the screen with the helmet on. It's made by the same guys that made Happy Feet, so I'm expecting high-quality and more freak-dancing fowl.

Death at a Funeral

I unfortunately discovered that this is based on an English movie that came out 3 YEARS AGO. However, I would still go see this for Tracy Morgan and Martin Lawrence possibly being old funny Martin. And understanding more about the whole fucking a gay midget thing.

Knight and Day

I thought this would be ridiculous, but this trailer actually turned out being pretty funny. After Tom Cruise did this

I'm pretty much going to think everything he's in is funny. I almost forget he's a scientologist sometimes.


Marmaduke Trailer - The funniest videos are a click away

Are you fucking serious?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Five Words

Rihanna makes me horny again.

Lady gaga Pictures, Images and Photos

Still think that's a hermaphrodite.

Mi BabI Pictures, Images and Photos

"Ka-Pow. Ow, that shit hurt."


Dinosaurs are fucking bad ass.


Ladawn Black is so hot.


No PS3. Having suicidal thoughs.


Perfect example of a butterface.


No shame in owning this.


Of course it's the Bible.


I'm sick of your song.