Friday, March 19, 2010

Jun Seba R.I.P.


More popularly known as "Nujabes", Jun Seba passed away in late February in a car accident. He gained popularity when he produced a nice chunk of the music for Samurai Champloo, using a jazzy, melodic production style. I'd even go as far as saying he's like a Japanese J Dilla, and unfortunately they share another similarity.

I find it kind of fucked up that his label kept this secret for, like, 3 weeks, but it makes sense. The fact that no one found out before today shows how mysterious he really was. You rarely see interviews or pictures of him partying besides DJing, but with music like his, you don't need a public persona.

Much like Dilla. See?

I'd put this beat in my top 20 favorite beats ever.


Anonymous said...

No friggin way I just got into Nujabes (shoot me- I'm FOREVER delayed) Crumbs. My favourite is "Reflection Eternal" I really like his vibe- so chilled. I am quite shocked that he is Japanese... but then it makes sense as well.

oh wow.

Anonymous said...


yours truly said...

i was so sad when i heard about this months ago. got put onto him last year when i discovered 'metaphorical music' and fell in love with the feel of his work.

the industry worldwide lost one phenomenal genius. R.I.P.