Monday, June 30, 2008

Laugh My Fucking Ass Off

What was this nigga thinking when he came out of the house?
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This is how M.I.A. would dress if she was a man.

Billionaire Boys Club Season 7 lookbook

First off, I want these:

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Well, as for the other stuff I like, I decided to Perez Hilton it.

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Billionaire Boy Club Season 7 lookbook

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fuck this. Seriously.

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Before I begin my fucking rant, I'd like to say I hate the state of black culture in America for this one recurring problem: If you dislike someone or something that they are doing, but they have more money than you, you are called a "hater". That's some of the dumbest shit I've ever heard. All of the celebrities I like have more money than me and most of my friends have more money than me, but yet I am not hating on them. Now that that's out the way. . .

What the fuck is this shit? I'm not angry at Dee and Ricky, I'm pissed at the motherfuckers buying this shit. Lego brooches, nigga? Lego brooches? Are you shitting me? Are you dropping me in the fucking toilet? Now, it's one thing to make Lego brooches and get paid for it, I'm just seriously upset that people are so enamored by this shit. For one, they're fucking LEGO brooches. You can make this shit yourself. What's ridiculous is that these things are selling for over $60. 60 fucking dollars for a homemade lego brooch/belt buckle. You could make this for like 20 dollars, yo.

It makes sense that, you know, they started off making them and some niggas see it and go "Yo, that's tight. Make me one." It's another thing when somehow Marc Jacobs wants your belts so you justify selling them for the price of a PS3 game. Once again, it's not Dee and Ricky's faults, it's those high-fashion dipshits who have $65 to blow on a lego belt buckle and don't have enough talent to do it themselves.

I salute you, Dee and Ricky. One day I would like to be able to make something so fucking simple that a ferret suffering from Down Syndrome could create it and sell it to morons who think an object is "hot" when they've never seen it before. You guys are like the KAWS of accessories. (Yeah, I said it. All he does is draw cartoon characters with X's in their eyes. He's easily the most talented motherfucker I've ever seen in my life.)

Oh, joy and ejaculation!

I'm excited and if you aren't FUCK YOU. This honestly might be the first Sonic the Hedgehog game I want to purchase since Sonic & Knuckles. I mean, look at that! I'm pretty sure one of the complaints about the game from reviewers might be something about the game being "too linear" or some garbage, but fuck that. The Ricky Bobby in me just wants to go fast, unlike the mediocre Sonic Adventure games where you ran for a while only to stop and take on some baddies and get frustrated. As long as Sonic isn't kissing any human broads, this game could be okay.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ice-T speaks. . . again

Well, if anyone cares, I'm on Ice-T's side. I agree, it's not just about "old vs. new" and all of that other shit the Soulja Boy dickriders and "I-don't-wanna-look-like-a-hater" clowns are talking about, it's about "good" and "bad". Soulja Boy is ass, and that is not a secret. Snoop Dogg said it, a GZA fan yelled it at a concert, and 95% of the people I know know that it's true. Why is it that when Soulja Boy makes these childish ass responses he doesn't respond to the topic? He just goes "HE OLD AS FUCK!" for like four minutes and that's it. Ice-T also had a point when he said he's had a full career and he has enough money to retire. Why would Ice-T be hating on some 17 year-old that superman'd his way into a record deal (With Collipark, who's like the king of garbage rap music) just a year ago?

Look, Ice-T is "old-school". He's from an era where if a nigga was wack, he was wack. Someone says you're garbage, chances are alot of people agree. Nowadays, if you say that somebody is lame, you get assaulted with "Why you hating? Let him get his money? He got swagger, though." Since when was rapping about "swagger"? This term has become more like an excuse to be a terrible rapper than actually saying how cool someone is. Ice-T, however, doesn't give a shit, he spoke his mind and he doesn't care what any of Soulja Boy's 13 year-old fans think.

I already know Soulja Boy is going to post a response video and all I can hope is that Ice-T doesn't respond again. It was hilarious when Ice-T's son told Soulja Boy to eat a dick at the end of the video. Hopefully Soulja Boy can actually form an argument besides someone being old and being the "grandfather of your nuts".

Me want. . .

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Well, with the Dark Knight Returns movie making the Joker cool again, I feel that this bearbrick fits the Joker's whole theme and would make an awesome collectible. I really don't mess with bearbricks, but I want that one.

via hypebeast.

Mishka Summer lookbook > Your lookbook (NSFW)

If you don't know by now, I'm known as a pervert. I just reply "If liking hot women and titties makes me a pervert, then I guess that makes every man in the world a pervert". Seriously, if you're a heterosexual woman, I suggest you proceed with caution.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why I Don't Take Nintendo Seriously Now

My girlfriend was actually thinking about buying me this, to which I laughed in her face, but I was serious. Even if I know I wouldn't look half as stupid as these "High School Musical" loving teenagers, just no. Besides, I'm a Rock Band man now. I must admit, though, that I'm impressed at how they got it to work on the DS. Is there any video game system that can make a genuinely good ad campaign? Let's look at it like this:

Xbox 360 ad campaign: Non-existant. They pretty much either let their games talk for them or I don't notice because, you know, I don't fuck with Microsoft like that.

PS3 ad campaign: They're like that artistic guy that takes pictures of himself nude with tape across his mouth that say "censorship" and other dumb crap like that. He believes what he does is art, but it's usually pretty fucking stupid. That's how PS3 ads are. I might've seen maybe two PS3 ads I like, but after that "thenis" ad, I really quit caring.

Nintendo Wii ad campaign: If I see some Japanese dude walk up to a door to say "We rike to pray" one more time, followed by some suburban family smiling too hard while they wave two shiny phallic shaped controllers, I'm going to stab my brother right in his arm. We really don't need to see how to play the Wii for the five billionth time.

PSP ad campaign: They might have found something with this "Get your own" thing. It's better than the racial stereotype dust bunnies and squirrels. Or the black people and white people fighting.

DS ad campaign: Same as the Wii without the Asian men.

LL Cool J - Rockin Wit Da GOAT

I don't get how LL Cool J's been calling himself the greatest rapper ever since like 96, but Lil Wayne does it for like 2 years and it works immediately. Whatever, I digress, It has a late 90's hip-hop feel to it (Ah, the late 90's. The era of good lyrics and mediocre beats) and it's nice to see LL Cool J can still spit. Then again, that's not saying much since I'm kind of numbed to the assery they play on 92Q. I don't really know what to say about the video other than a big *pause* so here's a review from my mom:

"Is that LL? He's like 40, right? He looks better than he did when he was 16!"

The video was basically him exercising and flexing his muscles, which he's been doing since forever, so I would suggest just turning on the video and bringing another tab up to go about your business.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So, I went to an 88 Keys concert

Not really. It was actually a Dilated Peoples concert, but we only stayed for 88 Keys. We would've stayed for Alchemist, too, but he was a no-show (was that a pun?). When we got their, it was very sparse, being that Rams Head Live is a pretty big place. Being that this is the third concert I've been to this year, it's the largest stage I've seen.

Rams Head Venue

The first act was Mambo Sauce from D.C. They're on the come-up and their single "Welcome to D.C." broke the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart and they said that the video will be on VH1 soon. Go-go music just started growing on my recently, so I enjoyed the show. Go-go is way better live, and I was paying attention to the guitarists because I'm learning how to play bass, so it was entertaining. The highlight, though, was fine ass Yendy Brown. I'm sorry if I didn't get a picture of the other members, but Yendy is hot. You can't really see her face, but I don't care, because I did and I'm happy.

Yendy is still hot

Yendy Brown

Yendy Brown is so sexy

Dear Yendy,



Then, following not to long afterwards was the man we came to see, 88 Keys. If I wouldn't have heard about 88 Keys from my man Malcolm Maximillion, then I would have from Way More Fresher, because $port is a huge fan. We didn't expect Keys to be the second opening act of the show, but that was cool anyway. We saw his DJ Syn City first. She's hot. And Asian. I'd beat, but I digress. 88 Keys first came out, and I really couldn't tell you the name of any of the songs he performed except Viagra (Stay up). The highlight of the show, though, was when he taunted us by saying "I got this song with Kanye, and he's here to perform it with me". We all knew he was bullshitting, but we wanted to see what kind of shit he would pull. Turns out, he came on stage and did a pretty accurate Kanye impression while he performed his verse on Viagra. He performed his last few songs and made his exit, as we did also, because Alchemist wasn't there and, honestly, we didn't really mess with Dilated Peoples like that.

88 Keys

Can't tell Keys nothing

88 Kanye

88 Keys ready to go


Damn, homie

If you know who G-Unit is, you should hear this shit. I had to link to Miss Info's blog because she had the best audio (and the only audio next to Thisis50, I think). We know 50 is like the king of lowblows, but him putting out that conversation between him and buck was cruddy. Apparently, Buck was very vulnerable, and for Curtis to take advantage of that is cruel and uncalled for. Then again, if Buck didn't want people to know he cried, then he wouldn't have cried in front of Curtis. That's just how the Mercedes bends.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hey, you! Yeah, you!

Outside Looking cover

Download. Now.

You (insert something right here) looking ass nigga

I'm sure some of you have heard the Hot Stylz song right now, reminiscent of dudes cracking on each other, but this dude made one and I have to say it's funnier than theirs.

I straight stole this from Charles Hamilton.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Possibly the Funniest Niggas on the Internet

If you haven't heard of My Way Entertainment already. . . then you should be ashamed of yourself. These niggas supply the weird oddball humor that I'm in to (especially Randy Hayes. He says some weird shit).

"All I want you to do is tape my dick to your stomach and do a backflip!"

I'm going to tell a chick this in real life and I think you should, too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Got Mine

Seeing Sounds
Seeing Sounds booklet thingy

Where's yours?

Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne - Girls All Around the World

I swear I didn't want to use the BET one, but it had the best quality. I'll put the one on OnSmash up when they post it. Personally, I like the video and it might be one of my favorites this year. I remember going to listen to the song on youtube and a dude left a comment saying "When I first heard it, I said 'Damn, this dyke sound kinda nice, she might blow up' before I realized it was Lloyd". What's up with the scratching in Lil Wayne's part? I thought he hated DJs. And mixtape DJs basically count as all DJs.

Brand Spotlight: Sons of Liberty

Rarely does a brand come out that tries to convey a message and almost seem like it's reading my damn mind. Actually, that's, like, never. However, Sons of Liberty managed to do that by constantly putting out shirts that I want. First, it was their adamant support of Barack Obama. They have like four Obama tees, but this one is my favorite:

Sons of Liberty Barack tee

Then, when I crossed their brand again, they had a shirt that could help me voice my sentiments towards MTV (except Real World and America's Best Dance Crew. Those shows are awesome.

Sons of Liberty MTV tee

Although I like Nikes, I feel that they are painfully overhyped and all of the *ahem* hypebeasts feel that they can do no wrong, then BAM!


Then the one that finally sealed the deal is:

Sons of Liberty the Cool tee

It's one of the better The Cool tees, if not one of the best Lupe Fiasco shirts any brand's ever made. Since I'm an avid Lupe Fiasco stan, this could possibly be the best thing this brand could have done to earn a fan. I plan on owning all of those shirts before the end of the year. Nigga got expenses, you know?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Not Owning This Shirt Would Be A Crime


It's about time someone touched on this subject. Wear this shirt if you're tired of the ones that belong to Lil Wayne or even the ones that belong to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

Oh, yeah, I went to a Cool Kids concert

I went to the Cool Kids show at the Ottobar on Friday (June 6) and I have to say that it was a great show. First, me and my brother got there at like 8 when it was supposed to start at 9 and we were the only ones there. A few other people came before the opening, but I was kind of surprised. Once we finally got in, thanks to some keen observation I noticed that a show schedule said that the Cool Kids weren't going to come out until like 11 p.m. I was pissed and was irate that I would have to sit through all of these goddamn opening acts. Turns out I was kind of quick to judge.

The first performer was Baltimore native Greenspan who was actually pretty good. Since we could barely understand what he was saying, what stood out was his beats. He also mixed in Black Mags during one song in his show and rapped over the beat to "On & On" by Erykah Badu. When his time was up, the DJs didn't come out fast enough, so he started to freestyle over "Paper Planes" by M.I.A.

Afterwards, one of the Tax Lo DJs came out and started playing some music. We were kind of bored at first, but then he mixed the Cheers theme with a club beat and everybody sang along. I'm thankful that I'm not the only young black person in Baltimore that knows all the words to the Cheers theme.

Followed by the DJ, Flex Matthews came out, representing D.C. He kinda seemed like a spaz at first, but he proved himself. When he first came out, some guys in the back booed him, so he got on them a little bit. Once he was about to perform his second song about wack rappers, the guys started booing him, so Flex dedicated the song to them. One of the guys got enough balls to come up on stage and after Flex finished a verse, he gave the guy the mic. He asked him if he wanted a beat, but all dude said was "He's wack" and handed the mic back and got off stage. We booed the shit out that guy. Here's a picture.


Afterwards, a DJ came out and reminded us that the Cool Kids weren't coming out for like a half an hour and we were heated until he played some club music. Everyone was dancing for the entire wait. There was one guy drunk off his ass that was dancing.


Other that, it was just regular partying. It kind of trips me out how I'm the only male I know that dances without needing a woman on his pelvis.

girl's wrists
We partyin

Finally, the Cool Kids had came out. After like two songs, Chuck Inglish brought his little cousin from Baltimore on stage to do the Spongebob. One girl in the crowd said she could do it, too, so they brought her on stage and got her to do it. They played some songs from our youth like "Juicy" and "Gin & Juice". Then, they played "Shorty Swing My Way" (I don't remember who sings that shit). All of the girls went nuts, and Mikey Rocks showed us how he got girls in middle school, which was apparently by walking over and thrusting his pelvis at them. The entire show was energetic and well done and I didn't leave disappointed. Now for some pictures.

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And for all of you who absolutely HAD to know what was on their feet:

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Otacon is a PS3 fanboy?

I thought this was kinda funny since it sticks to Metal Gear Solid's usualy fourth-wall breaking humor. Some people may think that Otacon mentioning Blu-Ray and referencing it being dual-layerd may be a low blow at the 360. I think they're just being sensitive pussies or trying to instigate a flame war. I know two people who's 360 red-ringed in the past month. That's a low blow. It's true, but sad.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

An Event of Epic Fanboyism

If anyone has been following Metal Gear Solid 4 as closely as I has, then they should know by now that Eurogamer gave it an 8 out of 10. Now, if you're a Metal Gear Solid fanboy like I am, you wouldn't just be pissed, you'd be offended. That shit was like a slap to the face of everything Metal Gear Solid has worked for. Of course, I wasn't the only one perturbed by this faux pas. You have to see the massive amount of comments, both critical and supportive, about Oil Welsh's decision. Many are just stripped down to immature rants (including the constant slur of "Eurofags"), fanboy beefing (PS3 fanboys whining about how it deserved more and Xbox fanboys talking about how Halo scored higher) and some people even abandoning Eurogamer altogether (One guy said that this will be the last review he reads on Eurogamer). Somehow, this score, which in my eyes is seen as a "pretty good", has turned into a shitstorm of epic proportions. Sure, I think it deserved better, but I can't knock another man's opinion. It doesn't matter, because I'm going to be having a hot, steamy, sensual night with my copy come June 12th.

Pharrell and that damn bag


If you don't remember, this is the bag that he was spotted with that had all of the homo-thug homophobes and fashion-savvy females in an uproar. A purple Birkin bag. Of course, a bag company famous for, you know, bags for females. I don't mind, but I'm never ever getting into the manbag thing. I'll stick to a backpack, thank you very much.