Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ice-T speaks. . . again

Well, if anyone cares, I'm on Ice-T's side. I agree, it's not just about "old vs. new" and all of that other shit the Soulja Boy dickriders and "I-don't-wanna-look-like-a-hater" clowns are talking about, it's about "good" and "bad". Soulja Boy is ass, and that is not a secret. Snoop Dogg said it, a GZA fan yelled it at a concert, and 95% of the people I know know that it's true. Why is it that when Soulja Boy makes these childish ass responses he doesn't respond to the topic? He just goes "HE OLD AS FUCK!" for like four minutes and that's it. Ice-T also had a point when he said he's had a full career and he has enough money to retire. Why would Ice-T be hating on some 17 year-old that superman'd his way into a record deal (With Collipark, who's like the king of garbage rap music) just a year ago?

Look, Ice-T is "old-school". He's from an era where if a nigga was wack, he was wack. Someone says you're garbage, chances are alot of people agree. Nowadays, if you say that somebody is lame, you get assaulted with "Why you hating? Let him get his money? He got swagger, though." Since when was rapping about "swagger"? This term has become more like an excuse to be a terrible rapper than actually saying how cool someone is. Ice-T, however, doesn't give a shit, he spoke his mind and he doesn't care what any of Soulja Boy's 13 year-old fans think.

I already know Soulja Boy is going to post a response video and all I can hope is that Ice-T doesn't respond again. It was hilarious when Ice-T's son told Soulja Boy to eat a dick at the end of the video. Hopefully Soulja Boy can actually form an argument besides someone being old and being the "grandfather of your nuts".

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