Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why I Don't Take Nintendo Seriously Now

My girlfriend was actually thinking about buying me this, to which I laughed in her face, but I was serious. Even if I know I wouldn't look half as stupid as these "High School Musical" loving teenagers, just no. Besides, I'm a Rock Band man now. I must admit, though, that I'm impressed at how they got it to work on the DS. Is there any video game system that can make a genuinely good ad campaign? Let's look at it like this:

Xbox 360 ad campaign: Non-existant. They pretty much either let their games talk for them or I don't notice because, you know, I don't fuck with Microsoft like that.

PS3 ad campaign: They're like that artistic guy that takes pictures of himself nude with tape across his mouth that say "censorship" and other dumb crap like that. He believes what he does is art, but it's usually pretty fucking stupid. That's how PS3 ads are. I might've seen maybe two PS3 ads I like, but after that "thenis" ad, I really quit caring.

Nintendo Wii ad campaign: If I see some Japanese dude walk up to a door to say "We rike to pray" one more time, followed by some suburban family smiling too hard while they wave two shiny phallic shaped controllers, I'm going to stab my brother right in his arm. We really don't need to see how to play the Wii for the five billionth time.

PSP ad campaign: They might have found something with this "Get your own" thing. It's better than the racial stereotype dust bunnies and squirrels. Or the black people and white people fighting.

DS ad campaign: Same as the Wii without the Asian men.

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