Friday, October 31, 2008

T-Pain - Karaoke

Oh, shit, T-Pain went in. I found the intro with him and Kanye hilarious, especially at the end. "I didn't recognize you without the auto-tune" "Oh, Kanye, I didn't recognize you. . . without the auto-tune". It's also purrretty homo to talk to men while they're pissing in a public bathroom. At least wait until you're done urinating.

But yeah, T-Pain is right. The game is currently being over saturated by this auto-tune shit and no, Kanye and Lil Wayne don't get a pass. Especially Lil Wayne. Kanye might get a pass just for 808's & Heartbreak, but Lil Wayne sounds like he's swallowing bees and vibrators when he uses that shit.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So. . . he's just going to sit there and use my favorite beat off of Beg for Mercy to diss one of my favorite rappers?

Dear J Hood,

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Myspace. . . *sigh*

I usually post these blogs on my myspace, but figuring as how I have an "Eric Richardson Offical Blog", I figured I'd post it here, too. It's just me ranting about retarded shit I put up with on myspace. Meh.

1. Yo, I'm sick of motherfuckers putting some obscure ass name and then putting (insider) or (inside joke). No one gives a fuck about any of your inside jokes except you and your friends. Your inside jokes aren't important to us, you fucking dick. If you have something weird for your display name, let people ask you first and then say "Oh, it's an inside joke that me and my friends have". Hell, most of my girlfriend's name are inside jokes, but she doesn't rub it in your face.

2. I hate when people take pictures and then say "So and so ownz". Someone else can't own a fucking picture that's on your myspace. If someone "ownz" it, then it should be on their own personal computer somewhere. One day when I see some little slut monkey talking about "Ki Ki ownz", I'm gonna put the picture on myspace and send her a message like "I OWNZ NAO, BETCH". That'll teach her.

3. Could you refrain from talking about how much niggas ain't shit? Like, for real. You're in love one day and angry the next. Shut up.

4. OMFG, I hate people that have bulletin conversations. I deleted two people like a year ago because they wouldn't stop having bulletin conversations with their other friends. Doing that shit is like yelling in to your stupid ass bluetooth(Which I also hate, by the way) in the middle of a crowded area.

5. Yo, you bitches better stop adding me and not saying shit. I fucking hate you. I hope you end up in a car accident.

6. Yo, gangbanging went out of style this summer, so please stop typing shit like this (ckool), (5top playing), (6itch).

7. Stop being ugly and having pictures

8. Proper Etiquette: If I send you a picture comment and you're a girl, I expect you to say something.

9. I wish people stop taking pictures with money. Seriously, it makes my head hurt. I just saw some chick that made her nephew take pictures in a crib with, like, 30 ones. Where does someone get that many ones? Stripping, that's where.

10. I was hoping that now that they have playlists people wouldn't change their song every two hours. I was wrong.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nerding It Up On the M-U-S-I-C Tip

I'm just going to post some of my favorite songs from original video game soundtracks. Hell, you might find something you might like.

Final Fantasy X - Travel Company

Mega Man X6 - Commander Yammark's stage

Mega Man X6 - Blizzard Wolfgang's stage

Ridge Racer Type 4 - Silhouette Dance(DEE BEST)

Ape Escape - Dark Ruins
(Embedding is disabled for it, but it's totally worth it.)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh, Seriously, What the Fuck, Man

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Excuse me, I'm infuriated right now. My girlfriend told me earlier about this whole hoax about a girl who had a B carved in her face by a big black man and it turns out she was lying. Well, I didn't even know what the fuck she was talking about since I was out of the house since 11:30. I get in the house and go straight to Fiyah Muzik because I know he would have that shit on there and it was right there on the front page.

Apparently, some little chick from Texas went to the police this morning saying a black guy over 6 feet tall robbed her and then saw she supported McCain and whooped her ass. During said ass whooping, he then proceeded to take something sharp and carve a B into her face. I know, weird right? It gets worse.

Once the whole thing hits the media(It just happened this morning), McCain's camp claims that the B stood for Barack. Funny thing is the B is backwards. The police were already skeptical about this little cunt, and guess what? She was lying! Holy shit!

I'm not really surprised by this shit. At this point, I surmised that the only people that could really still support McCain at this point are:

A) Racists
B) Hardcore Republicans
C) Dipshits
D) Racist Hardcore Republican Dipshits

Apparently, she was D. To stoop so low as to attempt to sling some shit on Obama's name is quite disgusting. I do, however, applaud her "ditch effort" to try to help McCain look good with less than two weeks until Election Day. To bad she didn't do a better job of looking like a battered victim by, for one, drawing a correct "B" on her face.

I can't even be but so angry about this shit. This just makes McCain and his camp look worse than they already do. Bad enough Palin was talking about freezing funds to research cures for Autism(which my 10 year old brother has, by the way), but then this comes along.

There's no possible way that McCain could win this fair and square. None. At All. If he wins, America loses. . . credibility.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More from the Otaku Convention

I just felt like posting some more good pictures from Otakon.

Dante & Lady

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

I have no idea, he was just creeping me out

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

L, Ryuk & Light Yagami from Deathnote

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Haruhi Shuzimuya in bunny costume (She is, like, so fucking hot)

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Metal Gear Solid (Uh-oh, he made a noise)

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Yo, these wacky caucasians were dancing their asses off. Well, I think it was dancing.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

I don't remember if I posted this one, but if I did, it's worth posting again.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

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He Want That Old Thing Back

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Well, I don't understand why the hell the Bones and Cones hoodie hasn't sold out yet, but this shit is Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream in it's heyday. I'm glad they put the classic imagery out when I got some money, because I so need that Navy BBC sweatshirt in my life.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What do I think of the Freshmen 10?

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Cory Gunz - I like this guy. I heard his freestyle on Green Lantern's radio show and I've been a fan. He's nice enough where you wouldn't even pay attention to the fact that Peter Gunz is his dad.

thumbs up friend judgement Pictures, Images and Photos

Blu - I've heard some of the songs from the critically acclaimed Blu & Exile album and he's definitely someone to look out for.

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Mickey Factz - The only thing I've heard from this guy is his little song with the Cool Kids, and sad to say I'm not impressed. Maybe I'll hear some more shit and think he's better.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

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Wale - Being that Wale's represents the whole DMV and not just D.C., I've known about dude for a while. I actually heard his song "Rap of the Century" on 93.9 and was like "Whoa, this dude is nice", but I didn't learn it was wale until, like, a year later. If you haven't downloaded "Mixtape About Nothing", you need to hop to it.

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B.O.B. - As I said, I heard about B.O.B a looooooooong time ago. I heard "Cloud Nine" and could hear the promise in this dude. Not to mention he can also play some real instruments, which isn't a bad talent to have in this industry.

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Asher Roth - I think all of this talk of him being a fake Eminem is bullshit. He's a talented rapper and I was impressed with his performance on "Sun God" (The Greenhouse Effect Vol. 1, go download). Not to mention that he professes his love for college regularly.

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Charles Hamilton - See "These are a Few of My Favorite Things.

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Ace Hood - Meh. Very meh. I do like his song with Trey Songz, but that's only because of the hook.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Curren$y - This dude is painfully overrated. I constantly hear "Oh, Curren$y, the hot spitta", but I haven't heard anything worth putting on my PSP. Not to mention that he's associated with Terry Kennedy and Fly Society, so this nigga gets the thumbs down.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Kid Cudi - I downloaded his mixtape and, honestly, I didn't like it. I don't look at Kid Cudi as a rapper, but more like an alternative music type of singer guy. I think he's more Kenna then Lupe Fiasco. However, Day and Nite is stuck in my fucking head.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

This guy is a legend

If you want, just skip to 40 seconds in.

This is the type of dude men look up to. Ladies, it's a dumb man thing you wouldn't understand.

lol@"Hey, Katie!"

My niggas!

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

This is just fitting because I've vouched for every single one of these dudes when I first heard them. A matter of fact, I first heard B.O.B. when they had him on the Allhiphop Breeding Ground!

E-Rich = 2,438 Mainstream zombies = 0

Real Chance at Love and shit

- I started watching late. Whoops.

- What's up with Real and this bandana across the neck shit?

- Yo named that girl Stalker. She does look kinda stalker-y

- So Hood is a smut monkey

- Can we ever have an opening episode of one of these shows without a black person getting real aggressive with a white person?

- Seriously, I would say Real looks gay, but that would be offensive to gay people.

- Yo, that Asian chick looks like a Koala bear.

- Milf could get it. I'm into that Milf thing. Cougars holla at me.

- Yeah, having a stalker isn't cool at all.

- Seriously, it's funny watching Real and Chance bicker because it reminds me of my brother and me. (I would say "brother and I", but fuck good grammar right now)

- Bubblez on some old other shit.

- LMAO@ Stalker being a Yeti and then Chance explaining what a Yeti is.

- Yeah, Lusty could ge-Her hairline is bizarre. She must've said some gross shit. That was like 14 beeps.

- Ugh, it's always the black girls arguing. It sickens me when black people harass white people because they think they have the right to. That shit is just sad to watch. Bubblez sure is carrying herself pretty well.

- Daisy of Love? I don't even fucking know this broad. Ugh. It's going to be a chain of "Love" shows. *sigh*

- I really want to see Zack & Miri Make a Porno.

- lol@ the camera man going in on Lusty's breasts.

- I wonder which one of these broads are going to have nasty pictures on the internet next month.

- I can respect that Chance is honest. If someone's breath is humming, just say it.

- "Mmhmm and a you know what". So Hood's a bamma. With no ass. It must be a sad existence.

- Dry-humping is so classless.

- Cali! That's her name! The koala bear looking chick. "Coali Bear".

- These niggas are funny.

- Why'd the black girls have to be hoodrats? You can't be a hoodrat snitch. That's like being a straight gay porn star.

- So Hood is such a slllllllluuuuuut! You'll fuck a dude and his brother?

- Well, Rabbit's not a hoodrat. The verdict is still out on Bay Bay Bay.

- What these niggas know about Rochambeau? I don't know about these lames, but I've actually played Rochambeau. And won.

- You know who Cali looks like!? Nicholas Cage! For real!

- Yeah, let's go to commercials when he confronts the broad about giving his brother a lapdance.

- Man, I heard the Strangers sucked. I mean, what's the point of seeing a horror movie if you already know who's gonna die? That's why nobody went to see Sunshine.

- Yeah, Soul Men is gonna be funny.

- A lapdizzle?

- K.O. is adorable in her own little way.

- What about Bubblez and shit? There we go. Dominican and Dutch? Boy, that's a weird combination. I still haven't met a Japanese/Puerto Rican chick. I mean, come on, if a Japanese person and a Peurto Rican person had a daughter, she's destined to be retarded hot.

- Promo is a ditzy asshat.

- Yo picked Lusty weird looking ass. She just gives me that murderer look.

- All she talks about is sex. Jeez.

- He's not picking Stalker. She is too "no" looking.

- You inopportune commercial break taking ass bitches.

- I should've known he would give the chain to So Hood's slutty-butty ass.

- Aw, don't cry, lady. I'm sure you can find a man without an S-Curl mohawk and a gap you can fit a boeing through.

- Let's see if something crazy happens in the previews.

- Wrestling? For real, nigga?

- Ah, I remember when I used to wear shower caps.

- Oh, shit, someone got destroyed on that rolling couch thing.

- Ain't nobody gonna swing on anyone.

-Oh, shit, they hit a nigga in the head with a bottle! THEY HIT A NIGGA ON THE HEAD WITH A BOTTLE! THEY LOCKED UP BABY HAIR! That shit was fake, but it'll be fun to watch.

- This is going to be interesting. I'll try to do this every episode.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why I Want to Buy Dead Space

Now, if you watched the video, they'd explain to you how zero gravity works in the game. I'm a nerd, so this excites me. The fact that you can't hear shit in a vacuum gives my brain an erection. All you can hear is your heartbeat and your breathing, and that's it.

Dropkicking babies? Nigga, I'm so in.

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

This might be a long ass post, but to hell with it. I decided I'm going to post some shit I'm REALLY feeling at the moment:


Hoon Clothing Leather Jacket

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

This Hoon clothing jacket is sexy. I usually don't mess with leather like that, but I just want to rub that jacket on my chest.

Pokemon 151 Cubone T-Shirt

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

This is a Cubone shirt by a clothing company in Japan called "Pokemon 151". It's a mature brand for all of the Pokemon heads that have grown up with it. Unfortunately, an XL in Japan is like a large in America, so I'm going to have to lose some weight.


Charles Hamilton

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Charles Hamilton is one of my new favorite rappers, and I'm not just saying that because he reads my blog every now and then. It's nice to not just hear rappers rap about the same shit over and over again, which is what makes other up-and-comers like 88 Keys and Wale stand out. With tracks like "Lacey Duvalle", "Where's my Fucking Genesis" and "Runaway Groom", Charles the Hamilton doesn't disappoint. My current favorite track right now is "Anti-Bullying Zone" (Go download Staff Development. Nigga, google it, I don't feel like finding a link.), because it's nice to listen to when walking alone on a windy day. You can go to his blog right over there. It's on my links. Go ahead.

Janelle Monae

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

I actually first heard Janelle Monae on the Purple Ribbon Army album and vowed that I would buy her album when it came out, but unfortunately I was broke. Now, I have the chance to redeem myself. I thoroughly enjoy the song and video for "Many Moons" and have to applaud her ability to dance like James Brown and keep her bouffant mohawk from flopping to one side. Janelle Monae also has some sort of force field for her beauty that keeps me from making perverse metaphors for the nasty things I'd do to her sexually.

Video Games

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

I already knew soon as I heard about the game that this is going to be a hit that may even surpass Spider-Man 2 as being the best Spider-Man video game. It's actually having an original story crafted for it and after seeing the trailer, my PS3 is pretty horny for this game. The story involves symbiotes (Read up, mortal) practically taking over New York and some of Spidey's friends and enemies being effected.

Dead Space

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

I decided that I would choose this game to pop my survival horror cherry. I'm usually a total pussy when it comes to games like these, but I said "Why the fuck not?". You play a space. . . guy who decided to check out an abandoned ship where the crew as apparently been wiped out. Turns out they were wiped out by some foreign beings called "Necromorphs" which happen to be some of the creepiest motherfuckers this side of "Xenomorphs". Long story short: You're alone, surrounded by aliens, no one can hear you scream. One reviewer even put out an early post before his review to say "This game is scary." I think I have enough money left for some Depends.

Dear Pharrell and Fam-Lay,

Could you put out a longer version of this song please?

That would be great, k? Thanx.



Thursday, October 16, 2008

T-Pain featuring Ludacris - Chopped and Screwed

I like this video better than "Can't Believe It". This shit is wild and had me tripping out. It doesn't get old to hear T-Pain using the vocoder being that he's the one that brought it back in to popularity, so this song gets a thumbs up from me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dyme-A-Duzin featuring D-Pryde - Gotta Eat It(Can't Believe It parody)

You should go check out both of their other videos. They're hilarious and they can spit, kinda like Eminem, but less violent/emo.

"Tight shirt, man purse, I ain't doing that"

I'm only posting this because I agree completely. Even as a Pharrell stan, I had to take a step back when this nigga had the Hermes bag. I'm also glad that all of the people that stood up for Lil Wayne are having second thoughts now that they see this nigga got a Marilyn Monroe(the piercing under his mouth). That's extreeeeeeeeemely suspect.

Lol@"The only time you niggas hard is when you finished watching Brokeback Mountain"

swiped from Nerd with Swag

It's Murphy Holmes again

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

That damn cat. His name is Kuro(Japanese for black) now, so he's Kuro a.k.a Murphy Holmes a.k.a Ca$h a.k.a KiKi. The last two names were my mom's idea.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

He's currently an outside cat because he's a bad bastard. He won't stop climbing on the table trying to eat the food and my mother, unfortunately, does not have the patience to train him to not eat human food.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

He only gets to come in like once a day until Winter at least where he'll be locked in ye basement of doom. He also found a girlfriend of some sort, whom I've only seen once.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Look at this son of a bitch. This is after the third time I smacked him in the back of the neck for going in the trash can. He's like a bad ass three year old.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Image Hosted by CHANGEME

That's just disgusting. I hope her parents aren't alive to see this because this is what would happen to my daughter if I saw that shit on her chest:

Man, I still can't watch that shit without covering my chest.

I got that picture from the Digital Apes.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I honestly don't know what that is

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

I refuse to believe that's a man, but I also refuse to believe it's a woman.

He's a "dunkie"

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

So, one of the freshest people I know in Baltimore started a blog which you should check out because he knows more about shoes and hip-hop then I do, even though he's like a year younger than me.

So, yeah, you should go check out

He just bitched Obama supporters everywhere

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

I'm more offended that this motherfucker wore it on a motorcycle. Basically said "Fuck you, coons, I want you to see this shit."

Monday, October 6, 2008

So, I went to a N*E*R*D/Common concert

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

It was fun as hell. Me and my brother got to Rams Head Live at like 4:30 so we could get the "Rock Star Entry". "Rock Star Entry" is basically boring as shit if you can't drink. You sit around and wait until it's time for you to go into the stage area and wait for the show to start. Surprisingly, there were no opening acts and N*E*R*D were the first to perform(awesome!).

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

As you can see, I was in the front row. Fam-Lay shook my hand when he came out(awesome!) and then they performed Anti-Matter. They also did Brain and a medley of songs from "In Search Of. . ."(awesome!). Their guitarist was awesome. He banged out the solo for "Sooner or Later" with ease.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

They brought dudes on stage when they started performing "Rock Star" and "Spaz" which I couldn't catch because I was busy trying to get noticed. Meh, whatever. They also pulled ladies on the stage for "She Wants to Move" and "Everyone Nose".

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Good for him!

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

That's the girl that me and my brother helped get notice so that Pharrell would let her on stage. She's cool. She was also underaged D=

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Nonetheless, there were a lot of chicks on stage.

Oh, and Shae Haley had on the shirt that I'm buying.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Lucky bastard.

Afterwards, we waited, like, 45 minutes while they got Common's set ready. It had the set-up of the interior of a club/bar.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Nobody wants a Zune! Well, he came out, started off performing "Announcement" after the little interlude. He then interviewed the random chicks he picked to sit at his bar.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

He also pulled a girl out of the crowd who's name was "Love". Really. He then proceeded to make innuendo about wanting to "be deep in Love". Tuesdai wouldn't like that, Common.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Either way, Common ripped it.

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Well, that's all your getting for now. It takes long as FFFUUUUUUCCCKKK to load videos on youtube for me, so I might get maybe four or five videos up tomorrow.