Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Myspace. . . *sigh*

I usually post these blogs on my myspace, but figuring as how I have an "Eric Richardson Offical Blog", I figured I'd post it here, too. It's just me ranting about retarded shit I put up with on myspace. Meh.

1. Yo, I'm sick of motherfuckers putting some obscure ass name and then putting (insider) or (inside joke). No one gives a fuck about any of your inside jokes except you and your friends. Your inside jokes aren't important to us, you fucking dick. If you have something weird for your display name, let people ask you first and then say "Oh, it's an inside joke that me and my friends have". Hell, most of my girlfriend's name are inside jokes, but she doesn't rub it in your face.

2. I hate when people take pictures and then say "So and so ownz". Someone else can't own a fucking picture that's on your myspace. If someone "ownz" it, then it should be on their own personal computer somewhere. One day when I see some little slut monkey talking about "Ki Ki ownz", I'm gonna put the picture on myspace and send her a message like "I OWNZ NAO, BETCH". That'll teach her.

3. Could you refrain from talking about how much niggas ain't shit? Like, for real. You're in love one day and angry the next. Shut up.

4. OMFG, I hate people that have bulletin conversations. I deleted two people like a year ago because they wouldn't stop having bulletin conversations with their other friends. Doing that shit is like yelling in to your stupid ass bluetooth(Which I also hate, by the way) in the middle of a crowded area.

5. Yo, you bitches better stop adding me and not saying shit. I fucking hate you. I hope you end up in a car accident.

6. Yo, gangbanging went out of style this summer, so please stop typing shit like this (ckool), (5top playing), (6itch).

7. Stop being ugly and having pictures

8. Proper Etiquette: If I send you a picture comment and you're a girl, I expect you to say something.

9. I wish people stop taking pictures with money. Seriously, it makes my head hurt. I just saw some chick that made her nephew take pictures in a crib with, like, 30 ones. Where does someone get that many ones? Stripping, that's where.

10. I was hoping that now that they have playlists people wouldn't change their song every two hours. I was wrong.


Malcolm Maximillion said...

Myspace is lame now. Home to jumpoffs

XOxo - Stephie said...

I agree. MySpace ain't poppin' like it USED to be, before all them ignant (YES, i said ignant) ass people made one.

LMAO @ "Stop being ugly and having pictures".

Shit that make me even more mad is people lying like a bitch talking about "I got stacks" but you see 'em in the street looking raggedy as a muthafucka.

Gorgeous Lynette said...

HAHA! stephie ain't never lied. All the sophisticated people moved to facebook.

Malcolm Maximillion said...

Facebook a bit worse though. People on facebook tried to add me knowing damn well i dont actually like them. Its cool to get notes from people in class but other than that, I stay away from it.

Super Woman said...

Social Networking has run its course completely. Facebook is too confusing and i'd rather text someone than leave a myspace comment then wait until they sign on to respond....unlimited text messages is the new "in" thing SOCIAL networking isn't cool anymore i guess people figured its easier and alot more fun to go out and personally socialize