Monday, October 6, 2008

Justice: A Cross the Universe

Well, me liking Justice aside, this DVD looks fucking hard. Like, DMX concert circa 1998 hard.


tuesdai said...

Hey Rich :)

For this to be Justice "The Show Stoppers" of wacky fun and originality (most of the time) I found this anything BUT COOL and HYPE more like; Complete chaos (even "raudy" should have some order if you know what I mean), sloppy, “…oh my, what?!” Sarah Palin-ish, stupid, and unimpressive….nothing hype or cool about it. NOTHING. No Justice No...not feeling this "entrance" for there doc. Seriously…just unnecessary! But of course, you can always expect a response from me RE “things” like this…I’m ALL for classy, flirty, “..a slight blush” and productive, NOT sleezy, distasteful, non-productive and STUPID. Justice just lostttttt POINTS! Keepin it real.. too REAL.

E-Rich said...

Yeah, as you can see from many of the scenes in this teaser trailer, "taste" is the last thing you'll find. If you count flirty as "show your titties to a camera", then you might find some of that.