Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Murphy Holmes again

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That damn cat. His name is Kuro(Japanese for black) now, so he's Kuro a.k.a Murphy Holmes a.k.a Ca$h a.k.a KiKi. The last two names were my mom's idea.

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He's currently an outside cat because he's a bad bastard. He won't stop climbing on the table trying to eat the food and my mother, unfortunately, does not have the patience to train him to not eat human food.

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He only gets to come in like once a day until Winter at least where he'll be locked in ye basement of doom. He also found a girlfriend of some sort, whom I've only seen once.

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Look at this son of a bitch. This is after the third time I smacked him in the back of the neck for going in the trash can. He's like a bad ass three year old.


tuesdai said...

*smiles*Murphy Holmes :) Murphy Holmes (Kuros) eyes are so captivating and chilling. Love them. I was once a "cat lover" but I go back and forth...cats seem to always have their own "agendas" DO and DON'TS, and song that they sing *singing* ...if you don't me then don't talk to me. lol. Love it...true independence lol.

Smile more Rich :o) Peace :)

Danielle said...

LMAO @ your cat having three different A.K.A.'s. I think I like Kuros the best though :-)