Saturday, October 18, 2008

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

This might be a long ass post, but to hell with it. I decided I'm going to post some shit I'm REALLY feeling at the moment:


Hoon Clothing Leather Jacket

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This Hoon clothing jacket is sexy. I usually don't mess with leather like that, but I just want to rub that jacket on my chest.

Pokemon 151 Cubone T-Shirt

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This is a Cubone shirt by a clothing company in Japan called "Pokemon 151". It's a mature brand for all of the Pokemon heads that have grown up with it. Unfortunately, an XL in Japan is like a large in America, so I'm going to have to lose some weight.


Charles Hamilton

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Charles Hamilton is one of my new favorite rappers, and I'm not just saying that because he reads my blog every now and then. It's nice to not just hear rappers rap about the same shit over and over again, which is what makes other up-and-comers like 88 Keys and Wale stand out. With tracks like "Lacey Duvalle", "Where's my Fucking Genesis" and "Runaway Groom", Charles the Hamilton doesn't disappoint. My current favorite track right now is "Anti-Bullying Zone" (Go download Staff Development. Nigga, google it, I don't feel like finding a link.), because it's nice to listen to when walking alone on a windy day. You can go to his blog right over there. It's on my links. Go ahead.

Janelle Monae

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I actually first heard Janelle Monae on the Purple Ribbon Army album and vowed that I would buy her album when it came out, but unfortunately I was broke. Now, I have the chance to redeem myself. I thoroughly enjoy the song and video for "Many Moons" and have to applaud her ability to dance like James Brown and keep her bouffant mohawk from flopping to one side. Janelle Monae also has some sort of force field for her beauty that keeps me from making perverse metaphors for the nasty things I'd do to her sexually.

Video Games

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

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I already knew soon as I heard about the game that this is going to be a hit that may even surpass Spider-Man 2 as being the best Spider-Man video game. It's actually having an original story crafted for it and after seeing the trailer, my PS3 is pretty horny for this game. The story involves symbiotes (Read up, mortal) practically taking over New York and some of Spidey's friends and enemies being effected.

Dead Space

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I decided that I would choose this game to pop my survival horror cherry. I'm usually a total pussy when it comes to games like these, but I said "Why the fuck not?". You play a space. . . guy who decided to check out an abandoned ship where the crew as apparently been wiped out. Turns out they were wiped out by some foreign beings called "Necromorphs" which happen to be some of the creepiest motherfuckers this side of "Xenomorphs". Long story short: You're alone, surrounded by aliens, no one can hear you scream. One reviewer even put out an early post before his review to say "This game is scary." I think I have enough money left for some Depends.


Super Woman said...

this is NO WHERE NEAR as long as my fashion posts on my other blog LOL

Schoolin4TheGoodLife said...

i'm totally hooked on Charles yea...i'm actually downloading some C.H. right now.

(yea i said C.H.)