Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh, Seriously, What the Fuck, Man

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Excuse me, I'm infuriated right now. My girlfriend told me earlier about this whole hoax about a girl who had a B carved in her face by a big black man and it turns out she was lying. Well, I didn't even know what the fuck she was talking about since I was out of the house since 11:30. I get in the house and go straight to Fiyah Muzik because I know he would have that shit on there and it was right there on the front page.

Apparently, some little chick from Texas went to the police this morning saying a black guy over 6 feet tall robbed her and then saw she supported McCain and whooped her ass. During said ass whooping, he then proceeded to take something sharp and carve a B into her face. I know, weird right? It gets worse.

Once the whole thing hits the media(It just happened this morning), McCain's camp claims that the B stood for Barack. Funny thing is the B is backwards. The police were already skeptical about this little cunt, and guess what? She was lying! Holy shit!

I'm not really surprised by this shit. At this point, I surmised that the only people that could really still support McCain at this point are:

A) Racists
B) Hardcore Republicans
C) Dipshits
D) Racist Hardcore Republican Dipshits

Apparently, she was D. To stoop so low as to attempt to sling some shit on Obama's name is quite disgusting. I do, however, applaud her "ditch effort" to try to help McCain look good with less than two weeks until Election Day. To bad she didn't do a better job of looking like a battered victim by, for one, drawing a correct "B" on her face.

I can't even be but so angry about this shit. This just makes McCain and his camp look worse than they already do. Bad enough Palin was talking about freezing funds to research cures for Autism(which my 10 year old brother has, by the way), but then this comes along.

There's no possible way that McCain could win this fair and square. None. At All. If he wins, America loses. . . credibility.


Malcolm Maximillion said...

America been lost credibility. Gore should be president right now but no, he wanted to be a pussy and not really combat that he was robbed.

Fiyah said...

Very well said!

Hey, you know a part of the story that not many people have talked about?? Her saying not only did he beat her up, but he also went under her shirt & fondled her titties. I personally think that's where the story fall about for her because who would wanna rub those titties?? lol.

Claudia said...

yeah evolver is not that nice.. just few songs are cool... actually the first album is the best

Super Woman said...

I wanted soooooo bad to fight her, like my brooklynity [my own made up word] was coming out. I was ready to really fight her for being so stupid. Then i calmed my ignorant ass down and laughed because the B was backwards. Was her fucking assailant dyslexic? retarded bitch! and B...Like A B? she could have at LEAST put an "O" theni would have given her SOME credit for her failed attempt...but a backwards B? McCain Your a fucking penis and so is your entire camp and this is the representation of america in the next four years if this penis face gets elected.

Gorgeous Lynette said...

Yes, what the fuck is right.

karrie b. said...

yea, she really needs her ass beat FOR REAL tho.