Friday, October 31, 2008

T-Pain - Karaoke

Oh, shit, T-Pain went in. I found the intro with him and Kanye hilarious, especially at the end. "I didn't recognize you without the auto-tune" "Oh, Kanye, I didn't recognize you. . . without the auto-tune". It's also purrretty homo to talk to men while they're pissing in a public bathroom. At least wait until you're done urinating.

But yeah, T-Pain is right. The game is currently being over saturated by this auto-tune shit and no, Kanye and Lil Wayne don't get a pass. Especially Lil Wayne. Kanye might get a pass just for 808's & Heartbreak, but Lil Wayne sounds like he's swallowing bees and vibrators when he uses that shit.


Gorgeous Lynette said...

I love Kanye & YES Kanye gets a pass, why? because he does it a little better than t-pain. T-pain annoys me with his shit.

Malcolm Maximillion said...

T-Pain should rap more often and I hate Dj Khaled

[$ H A R O N A] said...

yeah t-pain kinda killed it.

and i agree no one gets a pass but T-PAIN. you know lowkey he didn't want to give them a pass either but they are considered the hottest in the game right