Monday, October 13, 2008

"Tight shirt, man purse, I ain't doing that"

I'm only posting this because I agree completely. Even as a Pharrell stan, I had to take a step back when this nigga had the Hermes bag. I'm also glad that all of the people that stood up for Lil Wayne are having second thoughts now that they see this nigga got a Marilyn Monroe(the piercing under his mouth). That's extreeeeeeeeemely suspect.

Lol@"The only time you niggas hard is when you finished watching Brokeback Mountain"

swiped from Nerd with Swag

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KJtheGreat said...


seriously…”disrespect the backpack”? you know what’s REALLY gay…worrying about what somebody else is buying/wearing to the point that you’d try to create a ANTI-MOVEMENT behind it (see also - those “No More Tight Clothes” dudes)! they spent time and effort to not only make a song but to also drop a video. GTFOH! a homemade video that does two things: 1) makes them look EXTRA salty and 2) will forever keep them from getting on. keep up the good work! “…Real niggas like us are going to clown you…” , so WHAT nigga! The fuck is yall supposed to be?


P.S. - Jim Jones loves to hear himself talk. His dumb ass tyraids are the ONLY reason he’s still “relevant” in the game. Because of Joseph Jones a perfectly good word has officially been mercked! R.I.P. — Swagger