Thursday, October 9, 2008

He's a "dunkie"

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

So, one of the freshest people I know in Baltimore started a blog which you should check out because he knows more about shoes and hip-hop then I do, even though he's like a year younger than me.

So, yeah, you should go check out


T.Chester said...

Imma Kill You! I'm Gonna Killlll You! (Lupe Fiasco) Dude Why You Had To Pick The Wackest Pic (Senior Pics? Really?) From Myspace! Immean You'd Had To Have Known I Was Gonna Check Your Blog For Something. But This! Lol This!!!...Thanks Dude!

Anonymous said...

What's a "dunkie"?

This guy has to be hardcore cuz his page has a sort of parental advisory. lol. it must be hectic.