Monday, October 6, 2008

So, I went to a N*E*R*D/Common concert

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It was fun as hell. Me and my brother got to Rams Head Live at like 4:30 so we could get the "Rock Star Entry". "Rock Star Entry" is basically boring as shit if you can't drink. You sit around and wait until it's time for you to go into the stage area and wait for the show to start. Surprisingly, there were no opening acts and N*E*R*D were the first to perform(awesome!).

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As you can see, I was in the front row. Fam-Lay shook my hand when he came out(awesome!) and then they performed Anti-Matter. They also did Brain and a medley of songs from "In Search Of. . ."(awesome!). Their guitarist was awesome. He banged out the solo for "Sooner or Later" with ease.

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They brought dudes on stage when they started performing "Rock Star" and "Spaz" which I couldn't catch because I was busy trying to get noticed. Meh, whatever. They also pulled ladies on the stage for "She Wants to Move" and "Everyone Nose".

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Good for him!

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That's the girl that me and my brother helped get notice so that Pharrell would let her on stage. She's cool. She was also underaged D=

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Nonetheless, there were a lot of chicks on stage.

Oh, and Shae Haley had on the shirt that I'm buying.

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Lucky bastard.

Afterwards, we waited, like, 45 minutes while they got Common's set ready. It had the set-up of the interior of a club/bar.

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Nobody wants a Zune! Well, he came out, started off performing "Announcement" after the little interlude. He then interviewed the random chicks he picked to sit at his bar.

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He also pulled a girl out of the crowd who's name was "Love". Really. He then proceeded to make innuendo about wanting to "be deep in Love". Tuesdai wouldn't like that, Common.

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Either way, Common ripped it.

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Well, that's all your getting for now. It takes long as FFFUUUUUUCCCKKK to load videos on youtube for me, so I might get maybe four or five videos up tomorrow.


tuesdai said...

First and foremost, you took VERY nice pictures...real clear and HYPE. Your night at the concert sound FUN and exciting :) I always like their t-shirts that they wear, freshhhhhh...even though the "t-shirt" look doesn't really go good with me lol.

*smile*...Rich, you make me smile, you really do. Guess, I can't help myself if I believe in "things of substance". I realize a lady ALWAYS gets treated as such by a DAWG or GENTLEMEN, I also realize, it's the "HO" who always get a 1 dollar bill, smack on the butt, fed cliche romance, buys it and *gushing*...and HOW CUTE!...they love it! I guess that's a marriage that LAST :) Hmmm. It is what it is, isn't Rich :) If that's your cup of tea hun, not mad at you. I'm leaning more towards the "ladylane". Also, you can be flirty in a tasteful way, FLIRTY and SEDUCTION, does not always follow loose and sleezy :) *smile*...I still think you're still charming though... a classic male. One day you'll have to tell us about your "LADY", and how much she's such a blessing :)

P.S. ...when are you going to tell another story about your cat lol? Loveeeeeeee those stories, I know you have more lol. Also, have you ever seen my business website? Peace :)

Super Woman said...

so you DID get the camera in!!
Lol GREAT pictures

$HARONA said...

N.E.R.D. are the best performers I've seen. The concerts are fun and yesss the guitar dude kills it! I met him on accident before the show I went to. He asked me if I knew where a CVS was. I had no clue. Later, dude walks on stage and me and my friend just look at each other..

T.Chester said...

Amazing Pics Dude!!! You Totally Got Your Peter Parker On For Real!!! I Wish I Could HAve Went But Hey THe Pics Tell A Story! Nice Work!!!

Anonymous said...

here's my video...just in case you missed it :)

and here's my interview with Fam-Lay!

dope pics!

ape james said...

i still haven't seen them live...i heard they're amazing though...nice pictures, lucky motherf@*&r..haha