Thursday, January 29, 2009

Damn, School Again?

Human Context of Science Technology

We're supposed to be learning about the popular debate about how to bridge the gap between science and the arts. Both of the instructors are cool and 5 percent of our grade goes toward laughing at their jokes. I think they are serious.

Gender and Women's Studies: Women in the Media: Images, Myths and somethingsomething

I thought I would be the only dude in this class, but surprisingly there are five of us. To about 25 women. Our professor says the class won't be about male-bashing, but surely they'll toss some of that in.


I don't know, I haven't gone yet. . .

Abnormal Psychology

I'm learning about crazy people.

I see none of you like skateboarding :/

Monday, January 26, 2009

Damn It All to Hell

My internet's fucked up again, so dammit. I got some nice pictures and videos and shit, too.

Well, you can either watch Chris Haslam and Louie Barletta skateboard or you can leave until I post something worthwhile.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Shark Ass Bitc-. . . Women

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

That's just sad. It's rare you see one brand blatantly rip off another brand like that. Not since I've seen Drunkn Munky start making jeans that looked exactly like Red Monkey when they were popular.

Johnny Cupcakes, which is a brand that I thought was "gay" at first and started to grow on me, is apparently being chomped on by Pastry, Angela and Vanessa Simmons brand. There's no way that the designers for Pastry could say it's a coincedence because that's pretty obviously a direct copy of the Johnny Cupcakes design.

You could hear it straight from Johnny's mouth (or keyboard. Whatever.) here.

I was alerted to this travesty by Hostage NYC.


Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Really, Levi's? You bite off of one of the more original and popular shoe designs of the last year like THAT!? Damn! Ya'll need new designers or just don't make shoes.

You thought we wouldn't notice might be one of my new favorite sites.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Decisions Decisions

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

One of these magazines are getting my money for a one year subscription. I just don't know which one yet.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I was wondering why I don't read the Source anymore, then I picked it up in the Barnes & Nobles and saw this:

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Neither one of these people have relevance in the game anymore, and they need to give up. This isn't my opinion, this is fact, just like chlorophyll is the reason leaves are green.

When I was looking up a picture of the magazine to post, I found out they made a song called "Roc da Mic". I listened to the song and it was not what I expected at all. It wasn't Bow Wow trying to sound tough or Jermaine Dupri rambling about how much money he has, but it was a love song by them dedicated to each other. While I agree that showing love to people you respect is something more needed in hip-hop, but making a song about it and making it a single is being overly comfortable for me. I want to call it gay, but that would be rude. I'm not posting the video, so you go watch it and tell me what you think.

"I be looking at em like 'Ew, who do that?'" - Lil Bow Wow

I don't know any straight men that say "Ew, who do that". That's some shit for the kids.

P.S. The beat sucks ass, but all of Jermaine Dupri's beats suck ass.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Put a Guitar Solo on That Bitch"

This is me getting picked on for having a low voice while I'm recording with my friends and shit. I really didn't want to post it, but people are gonna see it anyway. They didn't show all of the jokes and dumb shit, but yeah, then you'd hear the whole song or whatever. Oh, the dude with the braids is Demar and the light-skinned kid is my little brother.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Most Known Unknowns


Representing: Houston, Texas

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

I saw Uzoy on EC|DC's myspace(you'll see him eventually) and I fell in love with the song "Twilight Zone". I actually left her a comment telling her she's one of the nicest female rappers I've heard thus far. Check out her music, that's what the link's for.


Representing: Brooklyn, New York

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

I started listening to this cat a while ago when I saw him on FILNO's(If you don't know who that is, you're not on youtube enough) subscriptions. He had some funny parody songs, but don't take homeboy as a joke. He's 16(going on 17), but he can spit with the best of them. Check out his new joint "Ur Tight" featuring Diverse. Download "Shut Up and Listen", too.

Matic Touch

Representing: Akron, Ohio

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Also known as Blaze of Glory of WayMoreFresher, he's quite a rapper. With his comrade Styxx supplying some synth-laced fire, he receives an adequate track for his lyrics to run on. Make sure you give "Cloud Nine" and "Underestimation" produced by Rawdee a listen.

DJ Imp

Representing: Baltimore, Maryland

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

I just found this dude, like, two days ago because one of my friends added him on myspace. I'm glad I did, because his beats are crazy. I've been listening to his remix of "That's Gangsta" by Bun B over and over again and I put his instrumental "Birth of the Imp" on my myspace.

Malcolm Maximillion

Representing: Baltimore, Maryland via Patterson, New Jersey

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Yeah, yeah, favouritism, whatever. He still has some nice beats and he's going to be in a beat battle at the Sonar on the 24th, for anyone in the area. He made a Clipse remix CD "A Clipse of Jazz", so you should download it.


Virginia(At least I'm sure it's Virginia)

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

I've been following EC|DC for a while now, ever since his name used to be Tokyo Joe. He's from the school of up and coming producers that are influenced by Dilla, but yet many of his beats are actually created through keyboard play. He posted one of my favorite beats of his "City of Nowhere" and you should take a listen immediately. Also check out Brittany Bosco, one of his frequent collaborators.


Representing: Toledo, Ohio

Image Hosted by CHANGEME

Last but not least, we have $port, also repping WayMoreFresher. Like his blogmate Matic Touch, he is also proficient in his craft, which is beatmaking. Influenced by J Dilla, Madlib, Just Blaze and other producers popular for their sampling ability, it shows in his work. He just released a downloadable LP "A Bathing $", influenced by Nigo and A Bathing Ape.

That was way harder than I thought it would be with all of the html and shit. Wow.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I love this woman

Janelle Monae Pictures, Images and Photos

I've come to the conclusion that if I ever go to a Janelle Monae show and sit in the front row, I have to cover my eyes. If she points at me, I'm going to pass out and Baltimore people don't pick each other up.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Wayne featuring Pharrell - Yes(. . . no)

Lil Wayne stupid line count:

"Scarier than a cat in a cave with a terrier/ pet semetary, Wayne are you the veteranarian?/"

Ugh. That's quite obviously the syrup talking.

"Weezy F Baby and the F is for phenomenal"

I thought he didn't hang around unintelligent people? This is obviously the weed talking

"Just kicking it with a Bruce Lee-S-bian"

I. . . I don't know. It. . . it makes my brain hurt.

There's more, I just really don't feel like listening to it again.

Didn't Lil Wayne say he didn't fuck with Pharrell like that and shit back when he was beefing with the Clipse? What the fuck, man.

Taken from Collegin.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

There Will Be Blood

Steelers Suck Pictures, Images and Photos

Being that I'm from Baltimore, I already know you couldn't possibly fathom how big this is.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Smash featuring Yung Crip - Too Much 4 Me

I'm sure you're like, "the fuck is this guy?" Well, this song is popular as shit in Baltimore and it shouldn't be difficult for it to start getting popular nationwide. A friend of my mother actually knows the dude Smash and invited me to one of his shows, so I'm like "Why the fuck not?" Still waiting. Either way, I like it, I don't expect you to.

The video is semi-low budget. You can tell they used good cameras, except when they were on Federal Hill(You don't know what that is). I'm tripping because the lightrail station that they start showing later in the video is the one I have to stand on to go to work. I was also when I saw Yung Crip's name. I mean, damn, there are crips that rap, but that's like a gay rapper coming out named "homo".

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh, Come The Fuck On.

This shit is sickening. There is no way possible that this obviously unfit police officer could get away with this.

If you want to get the message out to these morons that this shit is unacceptable:

1) Digg the story. Spread word online.

2) Contact BART Director Carole Ward Allen and demand an independent investigation. (510-464-6095 or email

3) Call the BART police to demand immediate action: Internal Affairs: Sergeant David Chlebowski 510.464.7029,; Chief of Police: Gary Gee 510.464.7022,

Spearheaded by $port.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Make Beats, Remember?

It's just a snippet of a song I made using "Still Alive" from Mirror's Edge.

Edge of the Mirror(snippet) - E-Rich

If you were here for a while, you might have seen when I attempted to post my beats on the side, but I figured there's no point in trying to force my beats on you if I'm not going to take making beats seriously enough to update all the time.

I'm really liking how this one's coming out so far. It reminds me of "Lost" by Coldplay. Maybe I'll pull a $port and make a mini-EP of beats for your listening pleasure.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What Me and My Brother Talk About on the Phone: The Threequel

Terrell: Yo, you still ain't check my myspace

Me: Nigga. Nigga. Nigga. Nigga.
Me: Oh, I forgot about her.

Terrell: Who's she?

Me: This girl I met at UMBC. She's hot and I wanted to try to beat.

Terrell: Oh, yeah.

Me: I'm gonna start hanging out with her, like "Hey! I have a cock!"
Terrell: It's a couple of good movies that went straight to DVD.

Me: Like what?

Terrell: I don't know, bitch. I knew you was gonna ask me that.
Me: I think I might have to doo-doo.

Terrell: What? Why?

Me: Because I ate food, nigga! Why else would I have to poop?

Terrell: You know what? I might have to doo-doo, too.
(After asking Terrell what his new myspace password was)
Terrell: I had that new password for, like, two months.

Me: You know what I didn't have for, like, two months?

Terrell: I don't know.

Me: The internet, ass!
Me: I say you delete that bitch.

Terrell: Why?

Me: You can't see any of her pictures. All she got is a default of some chick with her back to the camera walking towards the ocean. Fuck is she, a mermaid?
Terrell: She said she was going to come into town and then let me know where she was, yo.

Me: Whole time she a bluffin muffin.
Terrell: Tell her the oldest chick I dated was 20 years old. . .

Me: . . . and she was crazy like a fox.
Terrell: She hot ain't she?

Me: I can't tell since ALL HER PICTURES OVERFUCKINGSATURATED! You mess with nothing but clowns.

Terrell: Don't say that yo, she's intelligent.

Me: She's an intelligent clown.

Terrell: Plus she thick.

Me: She's like a buckethead hybrid.

Terrell: Don't say that, yo.

Me: Like a vampire. Like, you'll see a vampire and be like "Hey, he seems cool", but then you'll realize he can't come out in the sunlight or eat garlic sauce. Her buckethead traits pop out every now and then.
Me: I'ma kick Shaquel in the butt. Wanna be acting like I don't exist and shit. Is that Gucci Mane? Ahhhhhhhhssssssssssseeewwwww.
Me: We need to save these water bottles to save the environment. I wish Captain Planet was here to see me. . . so I can punch him in his lips.

Terrell: Yo funny.
Me: Nownownow E-Rich is the one that be boning ya muvva. Bone ya muvva. Boneyaboneya muvva. STOP THE TRACK! LET ME STATE FACTS! I COME OVER YA HOUSE AND THEN BLOW OUT YA MUVVA BACK!
Terrell: You know your feet stink when it gross you out.

Terrell: Now T-Jay is the one that be fucking ya mother. Not E-Rich.

Me: Man, suck a gravy stick.
Me: When she get out, better pull her tits out and in two seconds they better end up in my mouth. Getting hornay! Yeah, I'm getting horny!

Terrell: You a dirty bitch.
Terrell: Yo my feet reeking!
Me: What, you been doing? Working in mines?

Terrell: Walking down Lexington Market.

Me: Yo was stepping over crackheads and shit.

Terrell: I went crackhead stomping today.
(Terrell playing NCAA Football 08, trying to sack a quarterback)
Terrell: Somebody lace his ass. He look like Chris Brown.
Me: You got like 19 females.

Terrell: No, I don't.

Me: You got 19 year old females.

Terrell: . . . So. You 19.

Me: What, you tryna say you got me?

Terrell: Yeah.

Me:(In a gay lisp) Boy, you better clean your feet first and come holla at me later.
Terrell: For real, yo, they smell like boiling piss.
Me: Yo, I wanna leg drop somebody.

Terrell: lol. What?

Me: One day you gonna meet me at a mall and I'm gonna walk up to you dressed like Macho Man Randy Savage.
Terrell: YO BURNED ME!

Me: You need to go wash your feet, b.

Terrell: Shut up.

Me: This is for your health. It smell like you been kicking dung beetles.

Terrell: *hic*I been kicking your mother.

Me: See? The smell gave you the hiccups.

What the shit, Lupe?

Japanese Cartoon x Percival Fats(That's Lupe. He threw on a british Beatles accent.)

Invaders Must Die



Ask my friends, I'm a massive Lupe Fiasco stan. I won't argue with some dipshits on forums about it, nor do I think he can do no wrong, but I'm a big stupid ass fan. I enjoy his little deviation from the norm, but this might take some getting use if he plans on continuing with this. The only song so far I can say I like is Army. Everyone's on Heirplanes dick, but I'm not quite feeling it yet. I might be the only one that feels this way, but I want to hear an actual Japanese Cartoon song.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Just Flew in From My Bedroom and, Boy, Are My Arms Tired

I don't know. I can't sleep. I had a retarded. . . thing, I don't know, with my girlfriend a while ago that I'd rather not talk about because it's severely embarassing. It's not sex or anything, just something I'd rather keep to myself. I figured I'd just post random facts and other bullshit about myself.

- Last night, as in the night of January 3rd, I polished off a medium pizza, 6 golden honey bbq wings and a strawberry cheesecake all by myself in less than an hour. I don't feel guilty at all.

- My dream car is a Lamborghini Gallardo. They swallow gas like fuel sluts, but who gives a shit? It's my dream car.

- My favorite animal, which I just realized, like, last year, is the shark. Preferably a great white shark since they're the common face of sharks.

- I'm not one to get irritated easily, but if you find one of my buttons and push it, you'll find I'm an asshole. Extremely. Thanks to my short but difficult to find fuse, I can often make rash decisions and regret them later. *sigh*

- I make beats and rap, somewhat. Seriously, that was pointless. Who knows any black males that don't rap or make beats?

- I've decided, finally, that my lifetime fanship of an out-of-state football team would go to the Philadelphia Eagles. I liked them one season and they actually went all the way to the Super Bowl, but then they lost. This also happened with the Raiders, Rams and the Seahawks, so I just said "fuck it". But now, yeah, I think I'll go with the Eagles since they're the only team that lost the Super Bowl and didn't suck balls afterwards. Go Ravens.

- I like Totally Spies. If you don't know what that is, then don't bother me about it.

- I've know Malcolm Maximillion since 7th grade. Now that I look back on it, that's a long ass time. Mmm, 7th grade. Mmm, Kristian with the phat ass. I know somehow she's going to find my blog and see that. I'm not taking it back. Her ass is great.

- I can't think of my one favorite movie, but some of my favorites are All Dogs Go to Heaven, Akira, Sin City, Ninja Scroll and Kung Pow. I might remember more later.

- I find a way to curse profusely. Not on purpose, though. The more excited/angry I am, the more profanities per sentence I seem to manage. For example:

"What are you doing?"
"I'm fucking playing fucking Dead Space and this dammit-ass fucking monster won't stop fucking chasing me and shit."

I think I've actually said that once.

- Speaking of cursing, I tend to end stuff with "and shit" a lot when talking. "Happy Birthday and shit" "I'm in the house and shit" "I gotta pee and shit" "I wish you would stop talking and shit" "I fucking hate the Steelers and shit"

- Other words I use a lot:

Snatch(as in VUHgina)

- I like breasts. I think I said that somewhere already.

- I don't like horror movies. I'm glad I got that out there. I do, however, love zombie movies.

- I have AIDS. An Incredible Dick Size! Ho! You can keep that. It's a keeper. Use that at parties. Unless there's someone there that actually has AIDS, then keep that to yourself. . . Like real AIDS.

- I love spicy foods, but I have acid reflux, so it's either spicy pleasure or a healthy esophagus. Maaaaaan, fuck my esophagus.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Can't Believe I'm Posting This

That was one of my wrestling matches from my senior year when I was nice. I'm the one in the red. Wrestling was actually pretty fun and I almost miss it besides the practices. That shit was grueling.

One of the funny things about wrestling is the homoeroticism of it. Tight ass singlets, sweaty men trying to pin each other to the ground. . . Yeah, sounds really fruity. It got on my nerves when people kept asking me shit like "What if you felt a nigga's dick on your ass?"

. . .

First off, that's disgusting, second off, that's not some shit you pay attention to when you're trying to win. If you happen to be trying to pin a guy to the ground, the last thing that should be on your mind is "I hope is dick doesn't touch me" If you notice when a guy's dick rubs against you during a match, then you apparently have been thinking about cock the whole time and you need to think about why you joined wrestling in the first place.

I also got sick of dudes challenging me to wrestle. It was redundant and our coach(es) always told us keep that inside of the wrestling room and no wrestling in the school.

Meh, whatever, that was two years ago. I was considering wrestling for UMBC, but that just takes some dedication that I don't have currently.

Oh, yeah, my internet's back on.