Thursday, January 8, 2009

Smash featuring Yung Crip - Too Much 4 Me

I'm sure you're like, "the fuck is this guy?" Well, this song is popular as shit in Baltimore and it shouldn't be difficult for it to start getting popular nationwide. A friend of my mother actually knows the dude Smash and invited me to one of his shows, so I'm like "Why the fuck not?" Still waiting. Either way, I like it, I don't expect you to.

The video is semi-low budget. You can tell they used good cameras, except when they were on Federal Hill(You don't know what that is). I'm tripping because the lightrail station that they start showing later in the video is the one I have to stand on to go to work. I was also when I saw Yung Crip's name. I mean, damn, there are crips that rap, but that's like a gay rapper coming out named "homo".


Anonymous said...

I could dig it...Still better than Soulja Boy or 50 Cent....:)

kimmie e said...

so im puttin this on queenie
i heard this song all over the radio when i went home

and that song that goes im from b,b,b,baltimore...and that shit bout a college girl lol