Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Most Known Unknowns


Representing: Houston, Texas

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I saw Uzoy on EC|DC's myspace(you'll see him eventually) and I fell in love with the song "Twilight Zone". I actually left her a comment telling her she's one of the nicest female rappers I've heard thus far. Check out her music, that's what the link's for.


Representing: Brooklyn, New York

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I started listening to this cat a while ago when I saw him on FILNO's(If you don't know who that is, you're not on youtube enough) subscriptions. He had some funny parody songs, but don't take homeboy as a joke. He's 16(going on 17), but he can spit with the best of them. Check out his new joint "Ur Tight" featuring Diverse. Download "Shut Up and Listen", too.

Matic Touch

Representing: Akron, Ohio

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Also known as Blaze of Glory of WayMoreFresher, he's quite a rapper. With his comrade Styxx supplying some synth-laced fire, he receives an adequate track for his lyrics to run on. Make sure you give "Cloud Nine" and "Underestimation" produced by Rawdee a listen.

DJ Imp

Representing: Baltimore, Maryland

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I just found this dude, like, two days ago because one of my friends added him on myspace. I'm glad I did, because his beats are crazy. I've been listening to his remix of "That's Gangsta" by Bun B over and over again and I put his instrumental "Birth of the Imp" on my myspace.

Malcolm Maximillion

Representing: Baltimore, Maryland via Patterson, New Jersey

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Yeah, yeah, favouritism, whatever. He still has some nice beats and he's going to be in a beat battle at the Sonar on the 24th, for anyone in the area. He made a Clipse remix CD "A Clipse of Jazz", so you should download it.


Virginia(At least I'm sure it's Virginia)

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I've been following EC|DC for a while now, ever since his name used to be Tokyo Joe. He's from the school of up and coming producers that are influenced by Dilla, but yet many of his beats are actually created through keyboard play. He posted one of my favorite beats of his "City of Nowhere" and you should take a listen immediately. Also check out Brittany Bosco, one of his frequent collaborators.


Representing: Toledo, Ohio

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Last but not least, we have $port, also repping WayMoreFresher. Like his blogmate Matic Touch, he is also proficient in his craft, which is beatmaking. Influenced by J Dilla, Madlib, Just Blaze and other producers popular for their sampling ability, it shows in his work. He just released a downloadable LP "A Bathing $", influenced by Nigo and A Bathing Ape.

That was way harder than I thought it would be with all of the html and shit. Wow.


Anonymous said...

You couldn't save this for one at a time E-Rich? Grr... :D

$port is wow... I really enjoyed that one; listening to all his songs; I liked 3 out of the five. My fave was Don't Care NFS; I like that kind of beat... And Sax Yellow Blue.

If you listen to Maximillion's Count On Me and Sports General Made (my other fave) they sound similar; in a way. You can hear the difference; but I thought that was rather cool. Great minds... and all of that.

On that note I like "count on me" by Maximillions. "wamp Wampin'" is nice. I like. I kept going back to "I want you" it's got the feel I would think. I keep listening to that over and over. Particularly the drum beat; something about it is nice. It's very trance-inducing; like you can be DEEP in thought with that song. I liked the pakka-pakkap-powh of it. Nice.

Uzoy is good (understatement); Fast Forward is nice. Something about it. that voice in the chorus. Twilight is my favourite. "I'm in the zone so much they call me Twilight". She is indeed a lyricist and really talented. She's great. I love the things she says in twilight. A LOT. Hmmm.

Dyme is really cool. "I gotta eat is" IS MAD FUNNY- esp the video. I didn't get a chance to finish listening; as explained below:

I'll try and get to all of them; but I'm a little drained at the mo from listening to everything and I don't want to lose my impressions of some of them.

Thanks for the post E-Rich- good one.

E-Rich said...

Well, I have more, but I'll save that for another post.

Uzoy said...

Hey cool! lol Thanks for the nice words. You too paula. That means alot to me for someone to take out the time and give me recognition!

Malcolm Maximillion said...

Yay, I made the list lol. Thanks. Can't be favoritism, you've seen me wake up, make beats, go to sleep making beats. I put my work in lol

For anyone that wants to download that Clipse remix album I did

Take in account, I did that shit in a week.

New Nas tape coming soon.

I feel weird plugging shit....

I also think that everyone you've named is nice as shit and hope to work with most of em.