Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Make Beats, Remember?

It's just a snippet of a song I made using "Still Alive" from Mirror's Edge.

Edge of the Mirror(snippet) - E-Rich

If you were here for a while, you might have seen when I attempted to post my beats on the side, but I figured there's no point in trying to force my beats on you if I'm not going to take making beats seriously enough to update all the time.

I'm really liking how this one's coming out so far. It reminds me of "Lost" by Coldplay. Maybe I'll pull a $port and make a mini-EP of beats for your listening pleasure.


Anonymous said...

nice... I like

Claudia said...

lol I'm like your girlfriend then. When I go to the cinema to see Harry Potter I'm always disappointed because they miss the most important parts of the book! Your girl's right!

Rosie said...

Awww... e that's pretty cool!

dj imp said...

yo ii feels gud 2 kno sumbody out there iz feelin me.thank you 4 puttin out there i love your taste in muzik and ur beat iz tuff.thanx homie