Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Wayne featuring Pharrell - Yes(. . . no)

Lil Wayne stupid line count:

"Scarier than a cat in a cave with a terrier/ pet semetary, Wayne are you the veteranarian?/"

Ugh. That's quite obviously the syrup talking.

"Weezy F Baby and the F is for phenomenal"

I thought he didn't hang around unintelligent people? This is obviously the weed talking

"Just kicking it with a Bruce Lee-S-bian"

I. . . I don't know. It. . . it makes my brain hurt.

There's more, I just really don't feel like listening to it again.

Didn't Lil Wayne say he didn't fuck with Pharrell like that and shit back when he was beefing with the Clipse? What the fuck, man.

Taken from Collegin.


Rosie said...

Pharrell should stick to producing. I never thought he could really rap or sing. I do like the beat tho! Thats the part he gets props on from me.

Claudia said...

Aaw nooo... Not Pharrell with Weezy, pleaaaase.. :(

DNelTheMC said...

To think this is the same man that wrote Sooner or Later....*tear*.

Amanda Allison said...

I won't even give this track the time of day. I really have no love for "Weezy F Baby, please say the baby."

Super Woman said...

LMFAO heyyyy i missed your humorous lack of care of bullshit stuff.

Umm i been saying lil wayne is going to turn the world retarded
I would LOVE to know his definition of Unintelligent people i really would. Like im dying to know so maybe it can clear some stuff up

Charlie Hilton said...

I actually thought it was a pretty hot record LOL

Oyinkansola said...

aw i thought the song was good.
until you spelt out the lyrics
*deletes off phone and puts a t.i song off paper trail*