Monday, January 19, 2009

Shark Ass Bitc-. . . Women

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That's just sad. It's rare you see one brand blatantly rip off another brand like that. Not since I've seen Drunkn Munky start making jeans that looked exactly like Red Monkey when they were popular.

Johnny Cupcakes, which is a brand that I thought was "gay" at first and started to grow on me, is apparently being chomped on by Pastry, Angela and Vanessa Simmons brand. There's no way that the designers for Pastry could say it's a coincedence because that's pretty obviously a direct copy of the Johnny Cupcakes design.

You could hear it straight from Johnny's mouth (or keyboard. Whatever.) here.

I was alerted to this travesty by Hostage NYC.


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Really, Levi's? You bite off of one of the more original and popular shoe designs of the last year like THAT!? Damn! Ya'll need new designers or just don't make shoes.

You thought we wouldn't notice might be one of my new favorite sites.


Super Woman said...

everybody's making a big ass deal about it ....and u know what ...

Them little bitches are gonna get away with it anyway

I dont mean to call them bitches but this was a bitch move...ALL of their shirts were made like his, why not just ask him to join your team, they have enough money to buy his ass....*sigh*

Levi's i have nothing to say ...Thats almost as bad as the Fila Prada's ...LMAOO Mwahahaha

Malcolm Maximillion said...

Man, why they jocking my dude Johnny?

Gorgeous Lynette said...

You know what? Baker has stolen some shoes from pretty much EVERYONE. I forgot who made the shoes first, but Beyonce wore them & next thing I knew, bakers had them. They even have some YSL look-alikes in there. tis terrible.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

When's somethings popular everyone wants to get a piece of it and make money! lol

AYO! stephie said...

I was up on that "You thought we wouldn't notice" site for a while just looking through shit.

It's ridiculous how it's not always "nobody's" jocking the big companies... it's actual big companies jocking un-heard of people.

Anonymous said...

dude... shit like this has been going on for years. Big people trying to crush other people by stealing their ideas. It's terrible.


Claudia said...

Levi's?? OMG I must buy them. They'd cost like €60 or less. But they're just the copy of Supra Skytops. Supra Skytop = SaMANtha Ronson.

Gorgeous Lynette said...

how do you feel about hot revolver by weezy?

[$ H A R O N A] said...

damn those are blatant rips! thats crazy.