Friday, February 29, 2008

The whole Nerd/poseur movement

I write a little series of blogs on myspace called "Shit I hate" because I'm angry person. And shit. I decided to post this one anecdote from one I did recently because this shit seriously still infuriates me.

"I'm becoming infuriated with this "cool nerd" shit. For real. You can't be "cool" and a nerd at the same time. Like, three years ago, I finally realize I'm a fucking nerd. I came out of the "nerd closet", if you will. I went to Otakon and enjoyed it (I didn't cosplay though. That's waaaaaaaay to geeky for me). I stay on the internet on websites besides myspace. People used to cheat off of me in high school. I continuously use SAT words in my everyday vocabulary. I'm a nerd. Not a geek. Not a dork. A nerd. So why come soon as I realize how nerdy I am, everybody starts wearing polos and glasses talking about, "I'm a nerd, too"? This is pre-goddamn-posterous. There is no such thing as a cool nerd. Lupe Fiasco. That nigga's a nerd. He loves manga and have you ever heard this nigga when he's geeking? He's a fucking nerd. Pharrell? This nigga says drug dealers could've been chemists. No one really makes that comparison. Yet, they seem to be the archetype for nerd that poser niggas's build off of. Look, bottom line is: If you don't remember Yu Yu Hakusho, you don't read books, and you can't tell software from hardware, then maybe you should reevaluate yourself. You fucking poser."


Wow. (That's like my favorite word now) Soooooo, March 4th will be the first time I watched BET since the Wire cast was on 106th & Park. You can definitely tell Pharrell is a nerd. That was some straight up "Math is my favorite subject" dancing right there.

Shout out to waymorefresher

Thursday, February 28, 2008

A chickenhead? You can find them anywhere.

So, until I went to Fiyah's blog, I had no intention of watching this retarded "Bust It Baby" bullshit. Now that I did watch it, I'm halfway glad I did, and halfway pissed off at myself.

Wow. This is so classy. You see that one chick talk about how she woke up with a dick in her mouth and the other one brag about going both ways. In all seriousness, I might just watch this show.

Metal Gear Awesome 2

is funny as shit, and if you haven't seen it, you should go watch that and the first one.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Re-Up Gang rides again

So, I downloaded We Got if 4 Cheap Vol. 3, and I'd have to say I enjoyed it. I don't want to make this a review of sorts, because I'm not good with rating shit by scores. I'll just tell you to listen to it.

One of the main gripes about the Brothers Thornton is the fact that literally all that they rap about is crack. The reason why I like them is because they can actually can rap, though. Unlike most "Cocaine" rappers, they make it interesting with entertaining metaphors and similes, alongside engrossing storytelling. As Pusha T said in "Rainy Dayz", "Twist metaphors to avoid sounding cliche".

I don't want to forget about Ab-Liva and Sandman, the other half of the Re-Up Gang. Being that I didn't hear any of their previous mixtapes (which I'm listening to, now), my main worry with WGI4C 3 was that Liva and Sandman would just be extra weight that are just there to be in Malice in Pusha's shadow. Fortunately, my worry didn't come to fruition. Each member of the Re-Up Gang pulls equal weight, one being just as lyrically competent as the other. They also share an equal love for the white powder that the two star members made so popular to rap about.

As for the mixtape completely, I can say I really like it and it's on constant rotation in my PSP. One guy on Dat Piff said, "All they did was jack a bunch of beats". It seems that cock-knob is new to the mixtape scene, being that all that mixtapes are for is the artist(s) to show off their skill, whether using their own beats or beats they wish they had. With WGI4C Vol. 3, The Re-Up Gang succeeded with that. Instead of going through a percentage system, I'm gonna tell you my personal favorites that I put on repeat at least once.

20K Money Making Brothers on the Corner
Cry Now
Dey Know Yayo
Fuck You
Rainy Dayz
Re-Up Intro
Real Niggas
Scenario 2008
Show You How to Hustle