Sunday, October 5, 2008

I am not Sonic the Hedgehog

So, right, last night, me, Jasmine, Jordan and Jamie went to Federal Hill in downtown Baltimore. When we were leaving, I thought "Hey, this reminds me of the Green Hill Zone!". I then proceeded to roll up into a ball like Sonic the Hedgehog and roll down the series of hills. Now my lower back and right arm hurt. I'm a dipshit.

Tomorrow is the N.E.R.D. x Common show at Rams Head. I'm going to try to get ya'll some pictures and shit, but these doucheturds are talking about "cameras prohibited". I'll tape my shit to my grundel if I have to.


Super Woman said...

*blank look* did what? LMAO

tuesdai said...

*Giving you a hug followed with a rub on the back* you ok?, my, don't do that again.
Ok and Cool@ the concert pics :)

T.Chester said...