Saturday, June 21, 2008

LL Cool J - Rockin Wit Da GOAT

I don't get how LL Cool J's been calling himself the greatest rapper ever since like 96, but Lil Wayne does it for like 2 years and it works immediately. Whatever, I digress, It has a late 90's hip-hop feel to it (Ah, the late 90's. The era of good lyrics and mediocre beats) and it's nice to see LL Cool J can still spit. Then again, that's not saying much since I'm kind of numbed to the assery they play on 92Q. I don't really know what to say about the video other than a big *pause* so here's a review from my mom:

"Is that LL? He's like 40, right? He looks better than he did when he was 16!"

The video was basically him exercising and flexing his muscles, which he's been doing since forever, so I would suggest just turning on the video and bringing another tab up to go about your business.

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Malcolm Maximillion said...

I like this song, but LL needs to stop trying to make hardcore song and show off his body, niggas don't want to see that shit.