Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Just Humoring Myself

0:09 That Bank of America sign is what made me post this. Now, I must find more hilarity in the latest video from Soulja Boy's footstool. No, seriously, I fucks with Bank of America and all, but that had nothing to do with anything. I withdraw from ATMs, too, nigga.

0:15 Like, really, there's no need for the camera to be this shaky in a music video. I'm getting seasick. I'm lying, I've been feeling like this since I started the video.

0:21 An empty parking lot. This shit is gonna be so bad.

0:23 This nigga looks like a light-skinned Soulja Boy. What?

0:25 . . . I thought Arab was here last year? I mean, I don't see this nigga getting on XXL lists anytime soon. Then again, they had OJ Da Juiceman. "I got six rings like a basketball player. Freshman of the year like a basketball, player." That's two bars from his freestyle.

0:29 Credits at the beginning of the video that looks like credits for the end of a video? This shit is like a middle school film project.

0:35 "I am not you, you are not me" That's not how you start a song off.

0:38 He said "you are making light-skin look slopply" That's how he said it. I might not make it to 1 minute.

0:45 This nigga just rhymed "I'm the best" with "I'm the best". We got to do better.

0:47 This nigga put up a picture in the middle of a video like a youtube slide show. Your best friend is dumb rich and was fucking Rosa Acosta and this is the best you can do?

0:51 "I got skills. I got swag. You got skills. With no swag." Oh, God. My head, hurts.

0:57 He rhymed "dog" with "low". I'm about to kill myself.

1:20 For 16 seconds this nigga just had a picture of himself looking like OJ Da Juiceman's gay little brother.

This dude in the comments said Arab got lips like his ex-wife.

. . .

Let me check my gaydar

nigga you gay Pictures, Images and Photos

2:00 The fact that people gave him encouragement to make a mixtape of this lyrical feces shows that Soulja Boy is not a good leader. Now back in the Wu-Tang Clan days, RZA would've shut this shit down immediately.

2:21 "I spit rhymes. Fuck a metaphor."

2:34 Fuck this. I quit. This shit is literally giving me a migraine.

To make up for this, I offer you this golden nugget of comedy. Imagine the exact opposite of Arab's lyrics and flow, but animated.


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i gave up after 1:47.

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