Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baltimore in the News

Officer Shot & Killed by Police Officer

Now that is fucked up

Stamp was shot after uniformed officers responded to a fight reported outside the Haven Place bar at Haven Street and Pulaski Highway, shortly after midnight.

According to Bealefeld, the officers were trying to arrest the combatants when Stamp emerged from the bar armed with brass knuckles. Bealefeld says Stamp did not respond to an officer's order to stop. The officer fired a Taser, sending Stamp to the ground. Stamp drew a handgun, and Bealefeld says the officer had "no recourse" but to fire two shots from his on handgun.

Police Arrest Child for Pointing Gun at Classmate

That's even worse. Why is it that we see the Wire and say "Baltimore ain't that bad" and then a bunch of shit that makes us look worse happen?

Teacher In Attack Files Charges Against Student

Good for her. Not to sound facetious, but she got her ass whooped, and litigation seems like the proper consequence. Even worse, out of the 112 attacks this year against school officials, most of them didn't press charges because their schools told them not to.

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