Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow


- Man, Baltimore got hit with two big ass snow storms two weeks ago, but so did the rest of the northeast of America.

- I went to spend a night over my baby mama/future fiancee house and the damn power went out that night.

- The next day we trudged 1 and half miles through about 2 feet of snow during the blizzard to take E3 to my house. That shit was like something out of an adventure book. I almost didn't make it.

- I had to take his ass in the house, then turn around and get Jasmine, moving like a turtle out this ho.

- I like how it was like 3 feet of snow outside, but all of the liquor stores were still open. Not that I'm complaining.

- Some douche bag left his van in the middle of our street to go to Super Bowl party. That bitch was there for four days.

- Me and a bunch of my neighbors ended up shoveling most of the street so people can get their cars out.

- Speaking of cars, I got my license. Too bad I don't have a car.

- I could steal one, it's in my blood.

- My mom's going to read that and snitch on me.

- I've considered putting out a mixtape. In all seriousness.

- I mean, I always talk about how much rappers suck, so why not prove I wouldn't suck.

- Stop laughing.

- My son can crawl now. He can also slap you back if you hit his hand.

- I see him getting punished a lot in his future.

1 comment:

Paula said...

Awww E3 looks and sounds gorgeous. Don't punish him- he's little.

Liquor stores are always open- but we still hav to mission for a 24 hour one. But it's always fun when you're slurring :P

I've never been in snow. Lucky you.