Sunday, February 21, 2010

No, Let's Not Do It

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So, right, I figured I'd come back (and hopefully stay) to talk about something that's been irking me the past two days. Popular rookie rapper and future one hit wonder Wacka Flocka has made a controversial confession in Whoo Kid interview where he basically admits he can't rap.

“It ain't got nothing to do with lyrics. I ain't got no lyrics.”

“That's when I don't trip when niggas be like, ‘Man, shawty can't rap'. The nigga that everybody say is lyrical, they ain't got no shows.”

“I don't even care about selling records. As long as I get them shows for $15,000, four to five days out the week, I'm happy.”


So, right, I'm not surprised. Everyone knows Wacka Flocka can't rap.

I'd also like to add he has one of the top five worst rap names in the world. It sounds like a Nick Jr. Show.


Everyone knows Wacka Flocka can't rap. Even his fans. A friend of mine happens to be an avid Wacka Flocka fan. I dare not pursue an argument with this woman, because she is much like the rap fans who wear "FREE _____" shirts after a nigga kills someone. Now, I'm glad he admitted it to, but to claim rappers who actually enunciate their words and use metaphors "don't get no money" is merely ignorant.

I mean, it's really easy to say someone isn't getting money just because you don't see them. I mean, he's doing shows in Georgia, Texas, New Orleans, etc. while the "niggas with lyrics" are performing in Germany, Japan and France. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Now, the actual offense I take from his statement says a lot about rap as a whole. You'll never hear a country singer say "I can't sing. I just say the words. The people who do sing don't make any money." Nor will you hear a member of a rock band say "I can't play drums. I just bang on these shits and people pay for it."

I have no one to blame for Juaquin's (is that how you spell it?) attitude but the people that buy his shit, and Yung Joc's shit and Young Jeezy's shit and the list goes on. Having rappers admit they can't rap is a slap in the face to the music and the artists who paved the way for this. Method Man, among others, already have their opinion about Juaquin's statement, and I'm sure there are more.

Let's see where this nigga career goes, because rappers like Jibbs and 2 Pistols sucked dick at being able to rap and I haven't heard from any of them. I hope he doesn't perform in New York anytime soon. Or Detroit. I heard they fight over shit like that there.

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Anonymous said...

who is Wacka Flocka? His fame hasn't reached her if that makes you feel any better?

But there is this band here called "Die Antwoord" and I like their music although, like, their not conventional. But they appeal to the Napoleon Dynamite mentality we all have.

Maybe that's what Whacka Flocka does? Or is he just really plain whack?

Anonymous said...

correction *here yet