Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gotta Catch 'Em All - STDs!

So, I happened to be perusing my favorite video game blog, Kotaku, when I came across an article about "Pokemones". I'm thinking, "What the fuck? They spelled Pokemon wrong", but as it turns out, Pokemones are actually a, well, read for yourself:

Pokemones are members of a controversial Chilean teen subculture of the same name. As suggested by the term, Pokemones' group aesthetic includes elements from Japanese anime. What makes them controversial, however, is a signature pastime with ponceo: public group sex. According to a March, 2008, Newsweek report, in addition to anime and ponceo, the culture is typified by an interest in androgyny, piercings and electronic gadgets. Newsweek suggests that Pokemones differs from previous youth movements—such as hippy and punk—by its lack of a discernible cause or set of ideals.

Basically, they're like emos meet otakus. Oh, look, a video! (44 seconds in is worth it)

South American women are wonderful. Terrific. However, I can not get down with homo sex and androgyny. Call me a homophobe, but that shit makes me uncomfortable. Also, the unprotected public displays of . . . affection are really not cool. Let's hope this shit doesn't catch on in the states. Out teenagers are bad enough as is.

Edit: As it turns out, Newsweek was bullshit and a Chilean dude came to the rescue and said there is no public mannilingus involved. They just kiss as many members of the opposite sex in one night as they can at parties. Now, I'm interested in visiting Chile.

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