Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wait, what?

Woman Stuck to Boyfriend's Toilet for 2 Years

What the hell? How is that even possible? Now, it's one thing for someone's skin to grow on the toilet, which is gross, but he let her stay there for 2 years and then realized something was wrong? That's ludicrous.

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Schoolin... said...

i seen this in my local just doesn't make sense. why would you wait 2 yrs to call the fire brigade to remove her.think thats crazy? i heard of a story where a guys flat mate died on the couch and he lay there for i think it was 5 yrs and the other dude just lived his life around him,didnt even tell anyone hew as dead lol. i think the guy had learning disabilities and didn't really understand that you're meant to do something when your flat mate dies