Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh fuck no

hell fucking no

Nigga (or should I say nigger?), what the hell? It's supposed to be a series of shirts that are based on the "cult classic" (klan klassic) Coonskin, but fuck this. Not enough blacks know about that obscure ass movie to rock this shit in public. Seriously. I love provocative and controversial shirts, but this takes the cake. It took my fucking cake and threw it at a wall. I'm really tolerant when it comes to shit like this that people claim is "not racist" but . . . no. Seriously, I don't even get this offended when some 12 year old white kid tosses the word nigger around on youtube. Supreme lost mad points from me for this, and they barely had any.

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BreY said...

Oh this is the one you where talking about this shit is mad depressing...who thought of this shit for real. fuck this crew, petition time.