Friday, March 14, 2008

Okay, LRG is taking this hoody shit a little overboard


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I. . . don't know about this one. I almost wanted the Jason joint, but I realized in the end I made a good decision. This motherfucker right here. . . I'm pretty sure I'm not feeling it.


Ghett0 said...

haha,we are very much alike

i too wanted the jason hoody, but only because i couldnt get the Dead Serious one in red

i did find the jason one, in black for like £50, but the dude had none in small, and the medium looked way too big

oh well

LRG do have a nice set of cardigans coming out soon

E-Rich said...


BreY said...

wtf is this shit loool LRG is the costume brand for real.

Fiyah said...

gotdamn! if i see anybody wearin this shit ima slap the nigga in the back of his head.