Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hating is a Lie

One thing I've been unfortunate enough to grow up to watch is the deterioration of the word "hating". The phrases "hating" and "hater" have gone the way of the term "ignorant".

Ignorant is in no way synonymous with stupidity, but it has grown to seem that way, and has been used by actual ignorant people to call other people. Let me go off of the hating rant real quick to explain the difference between stupidity and ignorance.

If someone knocks on your door and you go downstairs and open it and you get hit in the face with a hammer, that's ignorance. You didn't know the motherfucker was outside of your door with a hammer.

Now, if someone knocks on the door and you look out the window and someone yells "I'm going to hit you in your fucking face with this hammer" and you go open the door anyway, that's stupid.

Now, the word "hater" is becoming just like that. Back in the late 90's when the word gained popularity, it was coined to describe a jealous person. A person with no life outside of disliking someone doing better than them. It's not possible to hate on someone doing worse than you, which I'll get to in a minute. These people can't go a single day without mentioning the object of their envy and deny that they're obsessed with disliking this person.

Nowadays, a "hater" is simply someone with a negative opinion, which has got to be some of the pussiest shit I've ever heard.

Seriously, in hip-hop's heyday, which I would say was back in the early 90's, if someone said you sucked, you most likely sucked, or you would prove that you don't suck. Presently, if someone says you suck, they're hating because you have money, or bitches, or a record deal, or a new pair of shoes.

Suddenly, fans of rap music have taken on this "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" mentality that is quite simply pussytastic to say the least. I mean, what kind of soft-skinned whore can't take criticism?

I most recently watched this fiasco take place on Charles Hamilton's blog. After his numerous career faux-pas, (how do I make that plural?)he ridicules his detractors by calling them "hating queers", etc, etc.

Why must someone be hating on you because you're a fuck up? If people don't like you because you're a fucking moron, you can't say they're hating. Maybe you should re-evaluate the moves you are a making.

Another trend I've noticed is that having haters makes you cool. Apparently, if you have "haters", you're on the right path. I'd have to say you're not. First and foremost, where I'm from, if someone is hating on you, you can't wave at them and say "hi". Haters in Baltimore rob and kill people. If someone sees you flashing your jewelry like a dipshit and talking about your money, you won't make it home with that jewelry and/or money. All of this "Hi Hater" and "big up to all my haters" shit is getting people murdered.

This also turns up on myspace with 14-year-old cunts claiming that they have haters and that their haters motivate them. No one is hating on you if your mom pays your phone bill and still buys your clothes, I can assure you. Matter of fact, here's a checklist of whether or not you could possibly be worth hating on.

1. Do you have your own house? Y N

2. Do you have your own car? Y N

3. Are you attractive? Y N

4. Are you in a gang? Y N (If you said yes, nodamnbody is hating on you)

5. Are you under 18? Y N

6. Have you finished high school? Y N

7. Do you come into contact with famous people? Y N

8. Have you repeated grades? Y N

9. Do you take social networking sites seriously? Y N

10. Do you even plan on doing anything with your life? Y N

Answers are:

1. Y
2. Y
3. Y
4. N
5. N
6. Y
7. N
8. N
9. N
10. Y

If you scored under a 60, congratulations, you're the kind of person that could not possibly be hated on by any person anywhere, so please shut up. There's a difference between someone not liking someone and someone hating on someone, let me give you an example.

Lame guy: Yo, you listen to Gucci Mane?
Smart dude: No, that nigga is trash.

See? He just doesn't like Gucci Mane.

Lame guy: Yo, I'm about to take out the trash.
Hater dude: Like that nigga Gucci Mane. That nigga is trash.

Notice how hater dude just randomly brought up homeboy out of nowhere? If someone brings up someone in a negative light for no particular reason except to just voice their disdain for them, they are possibly a hater. It's that easy to point them out.


Paula said...

:) loved this post. Don't have time to fully comment- but it was rich with information and stuff I agree with. And stuff I would like to qestion you on, but that in due time. Hi to your new family. :P

Rosie said...

Damn E... You should be writing for a website or something. That was some good shit! I'm mad that I didn't make that shit up.... Does that make me a hater???.... LOL!

Malcolm Maximillion said...

Couldn't have explained it better myself.

Monk Inyang said...

I also clap to that one. I was just talkin about how that ish pisses me off. I'm bout to tweet this link and send it to people lmao

Rosie said...

Good thinkin Monk. Hey E.. can I steal this and post it on my blog??? I would totally give props to it being originated on your blog. It's just too good not to share! :):)