Sunday, July 5, 2009

Proof That I Do Anything For the People That Read My Blog

I've been wondering "Hey, what's so great about this Tiny & Toya show?" so I decided to watch the preview on youtube and commentate on what exactly is going on.


0:15 - Wait, Toya is "not over Wayne"? What is so great about this nigga? He looks like a frog's thigh and he's gotten like thirteen other broads pregnant. I must meet this guy. His personality must be super radiant.

0:20 - I can already tell I'm not going to like Tiny. Her voice is like eating a handful of wasabi. If you've ever had wasabi, then you know that shit is fatal.

0:29 - No, she doesn't need to sing. I don't even remember her ever singing when she was with Xscape. Lawl, Xscape. They're so irrelevant now.

0:35 - Wait, she's not over Lil Wayne, but she's telling her own mother she needs to get her shit together? Sounds like she has a bad case of bossy hypocrite.

0:49 - "You get back wit ma daddy Imma get back wit Wayne". Yo, I can see this show is going to be pathetic. I feel like I'm going to vomit out of my lungs.

1:13 - I don't get how Tiny's voice sounds better on the voice-overs. Maybe seeing her unattractive face move with the words make it worse.

1:21 - I swear on my life, if BET didn't give this scummycoochie a show, I would not have known she had Lil Wayne's kid.

1:27 - Where'd she get a lot of love and fame from? I don't know that bitch! At least they mention Tiny in the media every now and again. Lil Wayne goes through broads like cereal, so I didn't know anyone existed before Nivea.

2:36 - Wait, Tiny wrote "No Scrubs"? Wow. Wow.

4:24 - This Toya chick has it bad. She is way too hot to still be stressing over Dwayne Carter, who has since moved on and got around twenty women pregnant.

4:43 - Tiny is so buckethead it's insane.

5:00 - Geeking off of the knock-off version of the "Flipside" beat they are playing right now.

5:12 - Wow, Lil Wayne's mother is on here, too? I'm not surprised because your bond is stronger with a chick your son had his first child with rather than, say Lauren London. I've never liked Lauren London for some reason.

7:06 - Yo, they are country as shit. I swear while I was listening to Toya talk, one of my eyes went lazy.

7:43 - Toya's daughter speaks better than her. I don't know if that hurts my heart or makes me happier for the child.

8:35 - Tiny's voice. . .

9:33 - "Peesh" Instead of saying "peace", Tiny says "peesh". Is she doing that shit on purpose?

I'm not. . . I refuse to watch the second part right now. Just for suffering through this shit for you people, I give you this:


Sleep well.


N.I.K.E. said...


Rosie said...

I suspect that the same person in charge at BET who gave the 'OK' to this show is the same person that said it was 'OK' for Wayne and Drake to have 13 year old girls dancin on the stage with them on the BET awards.

Tiny seems like she is SLOW!!

Monk Inyang said...

Ahhahahaha, that recap was absolutely hilarious. Tiny is def the buckethead to end all bucketheads and the voice is so horrible its ridic. How T.I. stays with that is beyond me. She must treat him like gold. And even then I wouldn't be able to do it.

That's either loyalty or bad vision and hearing out of the left ear, I'm not sure which one yet.

The Notorious Z.A.G. said...

1. I don't have TV at all... So I might check out this youtube business to see what all the fuss is about...actually, if I sign on on the computer I can at least enjoy your commentary.

2. That the DEAD ASS WRONG!!! I didn't even watch the damn show..I didn't deserve THAT!! O_o

Anonymous said...

tiny's voice.
she sounds like a damn troll!

and the picture at the end.