Sunday, June 14, 2009



I have no idea why, but this picture is just really funny for some reason. Maybe it's the ominous gangbanger palming her ass, I don't know. It looks like the cover to some low budget porno movie.

"Bloods Banging Big Black Bitches"


Mr. Heartbreak said...

WTF?! E-RICH DUDE! NOT COOL! LMAO! Gotta admit. It's still kinda funny. Nice name of the movie too...probably something I wouldn't watch though. Smh.

-Mr. Heartbreak

Super Woman said...

Why? Who took this ppicture? and Why?

Paula said...

OMW bwahahahahahahaha. I thought pornos would feature happy woman. The ninja in the backround seems ominous... bwahahahahaha

It's more funny than worng to me. It's like... WTF? In fact her face says WTF bwahahahahaha

Paula said...

correction- "wrong"

and it's not a ninja- I know- but is he so ashamed. Bwahahahahahaha