Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Thoughts on E3 (Well, the first two days, at least)


I honestly didn't see the presser, but all I'm hearing about is "Project Natal". Check this out, fanboys:

That "Oh, it's better than the Wii because you don't need a controller" shit won't work.

1. The Playstation Eye does that same fucking thing.

2. Microsoft wouldn't have done this if the Wii wasn't so successful. Same thing with Sony, but I'll get to them later.

I'm not saying Natal isn't a good idea, just that acting like it's the most innovative thing since the Fleshlight is completely wrong.

I vowed that if Project Natal actually works well and is extra awesome like everyone pretends it will be, then I may spend my own money on a 360. That's because I know this motion-controlled interface theory isn't going to be that great. People thought the same thing with the Wii and now most of the people that own them don't even play them anymore.

I hear they announced Left 4 Dead 2 and Metal Gear Rising. Those are games I'll be looking out for, although I don't think MGR will be that great.


I don't even want to talk about their conference. Let me shorten it for you.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Metroid: The Other M

That's the good shit. All I have to say to help you invision how terrible their presser was is "vitality sensor". Yes, a thing that monitors your pulse through your fucking finger.

Metroid: the Other M looks hot. I thought it was just a new Metroid Prime, but it's actually being created by Team Ninja and it's going to include third player elements. From what I saw of the trailer, I would be interested in purchasing if it wasn't on an unfortunate system.

You know what pissed me off? They talked about connecting the "casual gamers" and the "highly-skilled(see hardcore) gamers" and then mentioned the vitality sensor. I want to punch Iwata in his mouth.

I feel bad for Nintendo fanboys. It's like an abusive relationship. They mostly get treated like shit every E3, but Nintendo will throw in some "okay" shit.

Nintendo: "I know I've been treating you bad, but look, baby, look. . . Metroid The Other M! I promise I'll be better baby"
Poor bastard: "You said that last year. . . "
Nintendo: "Microsoft and Sony can't do for you what I do for you. You nothing without me."
Poor bastard: "I know"
Nintendo: "You better take that fucking Metroid and those two Marios and be happy. All the shit I've done for you"


Yeah, the one I was rooting for. They showed gameplay for MAG which I was not that impressed by. Uncharted 2 looks hot. Token action/adventure/platformer/shooter.

What I feel gave Sony the edge over the other two was the Final Fantasy XIV surprise, for one. First off, I do not want it. Final Fantasy XI was an online Final Fantasy and I'm not hearing good things about it. However, this was because it was released when the PS2 tried to go 0-online in seven seconds. Hopefully in this age where everyone is online it may do better.

Second was the showing of GT5 on PSP/PS3. No, I'm not buying it because doing a 300 lap race doesn't exactly give me a boner, but everyone else does.

They showed their answer to the Wii and Natal which was basically their own little motion-sensing project. First off, this edged off Natal because there was an actual demo. Surely fanboys are going to argue about what's better and completely oust the Wii, being that their sales have lapped Sony and Microsoft twice. While the demo is impressive, I'm not quite sold. The Playstation Eye got no love whatsoever after Eye of Judgment went stale, so I don't know if I should waste my money on another peripheral that copies another game system.

Nothing else really worth talking about for Sony.

As far as consoles are concerd, you know who won? The gaming public. Well, not Nintendo's. I feel sorry for them.


Frederick Lazarus said...

theres still two days left in e3

Frederick Lazarus said...

you ever peep that good food tape on my blog?

E-Rich said...

Actually I downloaded it. Was planning on posting it on my blog.

Lelan said...


Lelan said...

The eye toy and Natal have similarities but Natal can recognize things the eye toy cant

JayBlayde/Gambitt said...

...nothing about Tekken6 popped up from Sony?

I'll cop GT5 but the 300 lap races are not on my to do list.

And even if "Natal" is better than the "eye toy", I ran thru five 360's in one year. Not coppin' another 360 for any reason....they owe me a few 360's if anything.

Lelan said...

But the xbox was so good u was willing to get 5 of them.

Microsoft takes that W. ( win )

JayBlayde/Gambitt said...

...wasn't ready to crack $600 on a PS3 yet, so I let them send me replacement 360's until I got tired of it.(grinding perfect circles into my games was the final straw)

Still on my 1st PS3.
Its sits on top of the broken 360 like you would put the brand new HDTV on top of your floor model tv.

...where is that W you was talking about? U holding that for Microsoft on false terms, need that back my dude ;)

Lelan said...

Microsoft gets a couple W's for getting Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy from sonys cheap ass.

I have both systems and ps3 suxs bawls im just holding onto it for FF Versus and God Of War 3 then im gonna kick that fat expensive bitch box to the curve.

I dont even buy games for that anymore its like Why buy a game on ps3 when u can get it on xbox with exclusive content and play with people who actually have mics.