Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh, Shit. Let Me Call You Back. There's a Hamburger in my Pocket

- I'm looking at the video for "You're a Jerk". Yo, that shit is so sad.

- These niggas buy women's jeans from Hot Topic.

- Checkered blue and black squares? Zebra Print?

- Is this better or worse than what Spectacular did.

- Speaking of which, a lot of women are flipping shits about how everyone's making a big deal out of whether he's gay or not and it's 2009 and people need to grow up.

- I can't speak for everyone else, but I don't care if he's gay. I just want him to come out the closet. If he just says "Alright, I love the feel of man ass on my cock", everyone will leave him alone and forget about him like Lance Bass.

- Please don't let this Jerkin shit catch on in Baltimore.

- The youth in Baltimore are so weak-minded. Look at the boost in gang members.

- It's Lil Wayne's fault.

- I want to do a post about sex, but I can't think of more topics.

- Oh, look, a new PSP.

- Will I buy it?

- I need more consumer penis stroking before I consider it. Consider me aroused though.

- I shouldn't have to pause that metaphor. I'm talking about a video game system without a gender.

- Fuck you.

- Advice Dog says:

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Audrey Jazz said...

And people wonder why I love you. How could they miss it?!


E-Rich said...

I'm so sure that's my baby!


Malcolm Maximillion said...

that new psp looks a bit weird. I officially love advice dog [II]

Super Woman said...

You need to use Advice dog for every post .....