Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beat a Bus Driver

Okay, so the bus driver story:

So, me and Jasmine were getting off of the lightrail and we were coming up the street. There were two buses at a red light and the bus we were supposed to get in was behind the first one. I walk up to the bus and the nigga driving the bus looks straight at me for three seconds and then pulls off when the light turns green, passing Jasmine, too. I'm like "Oh, shit, word?" It could have ended there, but unfortunately for that bitch I'm a fucking man.

So I ran up the street to the bus where it was stopped at another red light and people were getting on the bus. I purposefully made myself to last one to get on and when it was my turn, I held the doors open. I saw the surprise in his face and he knew he was in for trouble that he could have avoided if he wasn't a fucking whore. The conversation goes something like this:

Me: Can you wait a few seconds for my pregnant girlfriend to come up the street?
Pussy Ass Fuck Nigga: No, I run on a tight schedule.
Me: My girlfriend is pregnant. We need to catch this bus.
PAFN: Another bus will come in 10 minutes, sir. I need you to move from between the doors.
Me: 10 minutes!? Yo, I just want my girlfriend to make this bus.
PAFN: These people would be upset if they have to wait.
Me: (Looking at all the people on the bus) Would you mind waiting a little more for my pregnant girlfriend to get to the bus?
Everyone: (Shakes head no)
Me: See! They don't care.
PAFN: (Looking away from me) If I miss this light. . . (light turns red and he sucks his teeth like a bitch)

At this point, Jasmine gets on the bus. Jasmine asks me what happened and I told her "This nigga was acting like a fucking bitch." Jasmine replies "Don't say that so loud" and I said "Fuck him. As I was saying, he was whining like a female. . ." This fagamuffin then proceeds to get out of the driver seat and I was so deafened by fury that all I heard was "BLAH BLAH BLAH running your fucking mouth BLAH"

Now, I could've jumped up and turned into Rampage Jackson, but I thought about it:

1. If I fought this nigga on the bus, I would undoubtedly be arrested. What good would that do for my child and woman?
2. The people that just so graciously said they wouldn't mind waiting for my girlfriend would be lacking a bus driver because I was gonna knock this nigga's eye out of his face.
3. That would defeat the purpose of me running up the fucking street to catch it.

So I said "For the sake of her(pointing to Jasmine) and my child, I'm gonna leave it alone." We then had a quiet bus ride although this asshole drove recklessly and ran a red light and me and Jasmine got home.

The following morning, I filed a complaint because I feel like such an asshole doesn't deserve a job where he interacts with human beings. Call it snitching if you want, suck a fat one. I told the woman the whole story and she says that me holding the door on his bus was disrespectful. She decided to battle my argument with a horrible analogy stating "You holding his bus door was like if someone tried to come in your house when you told them no". I stated that my house isn't a "service to the community". This cunt also said "If the argument was that bad, why didn't he pull off". It seems she was suggesting that he should've drove off instead of waiting for my girlfriend, which also pissed me off. She says she wasn't taking his side, but I should take his emotions into consideration. As far as I'm concerned, that motherfucker doesn't have emotions. He's less than an animal to me.

I pray that he sees me on the street and remembers me and decides that he wants to think he's Jesus again, because I won't have to be so considerate to witnesses at that point. Unless Jasmine's with me.


Mr. Heartbreak said...

Bus driver yo needs to get laid the fuck out. Motherfuckers like that make me sick. I'm taking asshole bus drivers to war. Bet your ass on that.

-Mr. Heartbreak

Super Woman said...

Sometimes you have to get ignorant with people. Especially bitches who answer the phone who probably sucked something to get the job she has and takes up for the guy she sucked off.

Dumb Bitch. As far as the busdriver you should hear the arguments i have. Im alot less gracious than you are and could give less than a fuck what the other people on the bus was thinking and how fast they wanted me to move. I have a smart mouth and its NY nobody's gonna remember tomorrow ....That i told a bus driver to sit his ugly faggot ass down and do what the fuck he's supposed to do "DRIVE THE BUS" and shut the fuck up. =/

Sir you are too kind.

Anonymous said...

Miserable bus driver=Pissed off people. I mean nobody wants to ride a bus better yet have someone annoying the shit outta them on the ride to their destination. Though people like me make bus drivers like that. Stealing 10 cents a day by running to the back of the bus because I know I don't have the full fare. Lol just kidding, though you were pretty mature because those people were just disrespectful. Congratulations on the son.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I think sometimes ppl hate their lives so much they try to make other peoples live miserable :(

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't really like causing a stir... well, too much of one anyway. SO I wouldn't have reacted much. I appreciate your standing up for your girlfriend but judging by the way people are commenting about the way they treat bus drivers- it's not easy for him either. Imagine everyday someones got something to say about your job? Fuck; I'd be shitting myself- I'd probably sweep streets AND clean toilets than be a bus driver just based on the way people treat them. And people would feel entitled because they paid, because it's public service- doesn't make him any less of a person with emotions, people to support at home....

okay I'm shutting up- I don't wanna be accused of something just because I'm empathetic. I get your side and his. Can't help that.

Rosie said...

YEA!!! I'm proud of you E! Fuck Him!!! I would sue the fuck outta them!! Trust me... if a lady could sue McDonalds cause her coffee was too hot... Ummm Yes... You could sue them!!!!