Monday, May 4, 2009

"Pull. . . "

You ever seen in those movies where there's always a rich guy with a big ass backyard that shoots plates? Like, he'll say "pull" and someone will launch a plate in the air and the guy will shoot it out of the sky? Well, in a collaboration with Mr. Heartbreak, he sent me these pictures and I am given the task of insulting these poor people. I would like to feel sympathy, but really. Really!

Those are men

I'm paralyzed because I don't know exactly how to attack these fellows. I mean, what the fuck could you possibly thinking? Like, I know you think you look nice in women's clothes because you like dick or whatever, but do you ever think "Hey, maybe I shouldn't wear this out of the house. Someone might post this on the internet and wish death on me." What the fuck is that pattern on the purple guy? Are those supposed to be hearts? I'm sorry, I can't look at this anymore. The homo level is fatal.


I don't know if Bon'Quiquiquikatrice thought it would be classy to just wear body-paint, but she's wrong. Awfully wrong. First off, her whole body isn't painted. I don't know if the nigga/niggaette that did it just got lazy like "Fuck it. You look good girl!" or if she really thought this would be awesome. And why is this scunt on the "red carpet" with a Heineken bottle and a pack of Newports?

She could've at least covered her whole stomach

Ah, the Burberry Behemoth. I saw her on Hot Ghetto Mess already. Believe it or not, I think the dude looks worse. This asshat got on a zoot suit on some Tom & Jerry type shit.

You know you bitches wrong

Oh, come on. The one on the left looks like a cyborg. They both look like gold digging vampires. They'll suck anything for some money.

dude,he's dark as shit

I could be offended by her dress, but I saw some of those at my prom. I'm more offended that I though the nigga next to her was headless until I studied the picture. Everyone knows that people that black do not wear white. He looks like Mr. Game and Watch.


Mr. Heartbreak said...

My nigga E-Rich does it again!!! Hah!

-Mr. Heartbreak

Audrey Jazz said...

The body paint one was the worst. My ice cream fell out of my mouth. I put it back in, but still....I hate America.

audrey. said...

people are off their fucking rockers, man. seriously. =/

Anonymous said...

lol, to be honest some of these pictures don't need commentary they are just... just.