Monday, May 25, 2009

This must be the opposite of knowing how to fight.

0:03 - Head kick fail.

0:05 - Oh, shit! He went for the fake out.

0:07 - 0:10 - Did this nigga just do some "Ka-razy" to confuse him and then try to hit him with a surprise back kick?

0:11 - Wow, he almost got Briana Latrise'd. I don't like how that felt to type. I think it's getting old already.

0:14 - The guy with the plethora of hair almost caught him again.

0:18 - Man, the dude in the tight jeans is making the guy in the black look like Mirko Cro Cop the way he going for those kicks.

0:24 - I guess he's picking up his dignity after that "Ka-razy" demonstration didn't work.

0:33 - Did anyone give him the memo that you can't talk people out of a fight after they already tried to decapitate you?

0:42 - Oh, yeah, try to kick him in the berries. That's hella manly.

That looked like some shit off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Thanks a lot Play Cloths blog guy.


Mr. Heartbreak said...

Yo where the hell do you find this shit? This shit was mad funny fam.

What the hell was wrong with the hair on those dudes? they looked like they were failed attempts to be Wierd Al Yankovich or some shit.

-Mr. Heartbreak

Shantae said...

Lmao @ Your :33 caption.

Hey he gave it a good go. It's hard to fight in tight jeans and cowboy boots. You gotta give credit where credit's due!

N.I.K.E. & Martian Lewis said...

What The Fuck, B?

Best [Spliff]Roller Alive. said...

.......Geeze Louise!