Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eric <3's Hip-Hop 2

- So Charles Hamilton took another L after the video of his assistant Briana Latrise, stepdaughter of Mary J. Blige, gave him a mean right to the face. Although they reconciled immediately after, this is still a bad look. In my opinion, getting punched in the face by a female isn't that bad. It's the damn Pink Panther that was on his arm. Whether they had that little rap battle and he got Chuck Liddell'd or not, the video still probably would've circulated with the doll on his arm. He just wouldn't have been a trending topic on twitter.

I'd just like to say, I don't understand why a bunch of dudes come out of nowhere talking about they would've beat her up. Two months ago, niggas were talking about how much of a bitch Chris Brown is for hitting Rihanna. Apparently, if a female gives you a humiliating mollywhop, it's okay to hit females. Let's be realistic, most of these niggas being e-thugs probably caught a jab from a man and just walked away. At least Charles Hamilton didn't hit her back.

- I see now that Drake is gaining momentum, a lot of people are (I hate this word) hating on him. It's true. I don't fuck with his music like that, but he's doing something right. It trips me out how if a rapper has hella female fans, all of a sudden you're a fag for listening to him. I mean, come on. If I could rap like I want and have 80 percent of my fans rocking pussies, then I'd go for it. I like vaginas.

- I don't know who Dolla is. Nor do I care.

- Chris Brown opening for Michael Jackson? I mean, they're both practically criminals.

- Yo, I saw a picture of Rihanna. Her hair looked like Kazuya Mishima's.

- Check out Theo Martins x $port's track "Checkin' In"

- Also, my homeboy Malcolm Maximillion put out his track over "You Don't Know My Name" here.

- Look, don't complain about bad music after I just gave you some gems.

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Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

Any dude that hits a female is a bitch, straight up.

Unless she's threatening my life or the life of someone in my family, I'd never hit a woman. I'd eat it just like the Pink Panther fag, pause.

Super Woman said...

he shoulda smacked her ....

Nah i kid. I actually commend him for showing constraint (Did i use that correctly E?) because he could have slapped her....any other dude....would have whether anyone seen it or not. she SNUFFED him

So mad props to him for not fucking her face up

I hope they get it together

Assistant?? LMAO yeah ...ok. Them two are not only professionally attached ....

$port said...

good lookin' on the shoutout.

and yeah, she slapped fire out his ass.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I feel bad for him, regardless of what he said idk...just idk lol

[$ H A R O N A] said...


Malcolm Maximillion said...

Those rings popping out in the picture make it worse. If the sound effect was in there, OMG I'd be over this bitch on the floor.

I wouldn't have hit her because he did throw her business out there like that and I got 3 sisters lol. Its reasons to slap a female but when you do something personal to them, you no longer have them.

Either way hes at fault.

E-Rich tell your homie to get that damn Pink Panther off his arm, b.

Shantae said...

Lmao @ Dress like they pound butt. You're hilarious.

whiteskinpoppin. said...

lmfao @ charles.

LOL @ chris brown opening for MJ.

and LOL @ how rihanna's hair looked.