Sunday, July 6, 2008

Drawing Apes

So the dude J Grady (a.k.a A Drawing Ape) has started his own blog, and if you don't know who he is by now, then. . . you're about to learn.




I found out about him on the REVIVE blog and he had made the cover for their mixtape that they made. If you haven't noticed, he's a pretty good artist. No, fuck that, he's an excellent artist. He takes different things from a culture who's name I have not discovered/thought of yet(You know, people who know who Nigo is, love video games, owns every Lupe Fiasco CD. We could call it "nouveau nerdy" perhaps) and forms paintings and drawing with meanings deeper than something you could think up on your own. His Fall of Rome painting is my personal favorite.

Point is, he has a blog now. I'm pretty sure he's getting more hits than me as we speak. He's a funny dude, and kinda weird which reminds me of myself, and he's always doing something interesting. Urban spelunking FTW.

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