Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I made a Biz Markie face

I just happened to be on hypebeast, a site I visit moderately, to see if I saw anything interesting or worth posting. Turns out every shoe that was on the home page was


Image Hosted by CHANGEME
Goonies x Puma Disc Blaze


Image Hosted by CHANGEME
Sprint-2-Queens DC Goliath


Image Hosted by CHANGEME
Questlove Air Force 1

except for these, since I have a thing for Converse and their biters:

Image Hosted by CHANGEME
Rhythm Sandwich Hi

Which doesn't make sense because I've never even heard of them. What the hell is wrong with shoe designers nowadays? They wouldn't make this crap if these "hipster"/poser/attention whores didn't want to wear them.

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