Monday, July 14, 2008

Wait, what?: Yung Berg "controversy

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Tell me this nigga doesn't look like a cat. Seriously. He talks like Sylvester.

So apparently Yung Berg is in trouble with women of darker complexions. Oh, well.

I really don't see the big deal with what he said. Every dude has a certain preference in women, so I don't see why Yung Berg can't do the paper bag test on the broads that are unfortunate enough to decide to lie in bed with homeboy. Him saying "I don't date dark butts" (lol, dark butts) is similar to me saying "I don't date skinny chicks". Dark-skinned women-no, scratch that- black women are the ones that are most offended by this, of course. Hell, when I say "I'm not that attracted to really skinny females" in front of a skinny female, they get up in arms. Now, I want women to think about this when they realize a man doesn't date women of their type:

1. Do you find him attractive?

2. Would you fuck him?

3. Would you suck his dick?

If your answer to all of these is no, then you shouldn't get angry. Besides, I'm sure there are plenty of non-famous dudes that would be better for you than Yung Berg.


carolinahaze said...

I never understood that about chicks. They will hate up a storm on a dude who only dates certain types. Then I'll be like "Well, I know him. You want to meet him?" And they'll be all on some "Fuck him, he ugly as shit!"

Why do they care so much about dudes they apparently don't even want to fuck with?

Eb the Celeb said...

I wasnt pissed at the comment at all... was even in the koch offices the day it came out and joked with him about it...

it was not what he said. we all have preferences... I like tall men so to me he is a midget... but he didn't state what he preferred... he went on a rampage about brown gel, and getting hair wet and coming out the water looking better than before you went in the water.

That is something that is demeaning to black women everywhere and continue the stereotypes that only light skinned women have "good" hair.

I'm just glad it came out when it did... basically this dude just alienated 75% of his fan base 2 weeks before his album drops. So he doesnt have to worry about having a platform anymore to insult anymore dark butts because his career is most likely over.

Radio Rose said...

um, he does look like a cat, and no don't find him attractive and I def won't bring my yellow ( maybe terra cotta) ass round his way