Friday, July 18, 2008

Sure Was A Great Day Today

So, I hung out with my girlfriend all day for her birthday. We went to go see the Dark Knight which was fucking awesome. Seriously, the movie really lived up to the hype. It makes Heath Ledger's death even worse since he won't be able to play the Joker again. The Joker as played by Heath Ledger might be one of the best villains ever (I never Jack Nicholson's version). I'm not even going to spoil the movie, but there might be a lot of talking for, like, the first half hour, but they make up for it. There is also a special guest appearance near the end by another popular Batman villain.

She also bought a bunch of girl stuff like bras and body creams and other stuff I don't understand. I also drew a penis on her brother's forehead while he was in a drunken daze.


Malcolm Maximillion said...

Did you take a picture of the penis? (No homo)

Anonymous said...

Yeah the dark knight was the best fucking movie since....and yea women and their hygeine...i dont get it either. lol