Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shit I Hate

I had a little thing I used to do for my friends on myspace called "Shit I Hate" which was basically me doing what I do best, which is rant.

I hate when fat chicks wear tight ass shirts with their stomach hanging out the bottom. I do love when people love themselves, but it's another thing to try to force your love for yourself on others. That body is you and your boyfriend/girlfriend's body, not ours. We do not want to see that shit. For real, lady.

I hate that women can straight treat us like shit and we have to be nice. Have you noticed that if a ugly girl takes interest in a guy, he'll let her down easy(unless he's drunk)? You know, he might lie and say he's faithful to his current girlfriend or he's gay or some shit. Women do not have to do this for some odd reason. If a ugly guy tries to holla at them, they start picking on him and burning his self-esteem. There is the little game where they'll start saying:
"Girl, he talking to you!"
"Nuh uh, he talking to you!"
"That's your boyfriend!"
"Yo, she wants to talk to you!"
"Ugh, no I don't!"

This shit happened to me alot in middle school. That's why I'm an asshole now, and for some reason girls want me. Go fucking figure.

I hate the word "hater". It's like what happened with the word "ignorant". No one gave a shit about it, until they heard someone say it, and now they use it all wrong and use it to describe their friends when they are being stupid. Look, there is a difference between being "hated on" and being "hated". You can't say some dude is hating on you because you fucked his girl. He just hates you. He's not jealous that you fucked his girl, he did that, too(hopefully). He just doesn't like you.

I'd also like to add that being "hated on" is the hot shit on myspace, now. It's, like, 15 year old kids with no job and a sidekick their mother paid for talking about having haters. Yo, nobody is hating on you. You are a goddamn baby.

I hate Lil Wayne dick riders. Dick riders are bad, but Lil Wayne's are the worst. They will flame the shit out of you for saying that Lil Wayne is "pretty good". They are in complete denial that Lil Wayne might just not be the best rapper alive and there are way nicer niggas out. I actually got into a semi-argument in school since I think the best rapper alive is Andre 3000. I chose not to entertain their need for an altercation and just said "Look, it's a fact. Just like chlorophyll is the reason leaves are green." I proceeded to make evasive maneuvers while they tried to look up chlorophyll.

I also hate the fact that they are on that line "What's a goon to a goblin". What does that even mean? Most of the motherfuckers that like it couldn't tell a goblin from an orc from an ogre, so what is so riveting about that line?

I hate Karrine Steffans. It's very rare that I dislike a woman this much, but she is a current age Jezebel. I hate the fact that she wrote a book about sucking dick and how much she enjoyed sucking dick (Oh, and she got raped when she was young and had a son with Kool G. Rap. Yeah, I read it. Don't judge me.) and then turn around and say "I'm not famous because I'm a blowjob enthusiast, I'm famous because I'm a best-selling author." No, bitch, you're famous for sucking dick. Now she's making a living off of being a whore. I would say ex-whore, but she still is. She admitted in King magazine that she's currently banging senators and delegates instead of just rappers now. Look at that, she's a slut who used her book for advertisement. I might think she's the sluttiest slut-bag, whore-dog, cock-swallowing, cuntwhistle, bitchskank this side of the equator, but she's damn sure intelligent.

I hate when niggas on myspace trying to promote their music have a broad with a phat-ass for their display picture. It's even worse because you know that guy couldn't bag that chick his self.

I hate when rappers have an album coming out and say "I have something on there for everybody" and then everything is the fucking same.

I hate that Plies is trying to be so hard-body but he's so short. I know I shouldn't crack on him for that, but for real, that nigga's tiny! I'm like 5'7", so I'm not Kevin Garnett or anything, but yo, he's like 4'9"!

That's it. I'm done for now. I'd also like to add that for a movie released in the late 90's, End of Days is pretty good. You know, the joint with Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting the devil and shit?

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Anonymous said...

So true... so true... not all of it.. Most of this is truw. lol!