Thursday, July 3, 2008

Well, Tomorrow's the Fourth of July

Fireworks Baltimore

And I ain't doing shit. I'm coming in the house, and I am going to play Sonic the Hedgehog and watch On Demand movies until I fall asleep. I have the entire house to myself until Saturday and all I want to do is enjoy some peace and quiet.

One thing people talk about alot in Baltimore is going to the Inner Harbor and watching the fireworks. Fuck that. Every time they have fireworks downtown, something niggery happens, and I refuse to take part in this horseplay forever. Last time I went downtown for Independence Day, the girl Jamie was supposed to bring the keys to her dad's boat, which she forgot (It was a nice ass boat, too). Then, it ended up raining and we had to get under a damn gazebo, only for a fucking fight to break out and we had to leave in the middle of the hard ass rain. The year before that, there was a riot. I'm not sure if it was really a riot, but I'll go by what WJZ says until I hear otherwise. If there is an all-out gang war downtown, I won't be surprised.

As I type, there are motherfuckers outside shooting and letting off fireworks like we won the Super Bowl again. I swear, once I graduate, I'm moving so far out the county.

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